Need guide,stuck on 1500 rating,can't progress


Hi,I am stuck on 1500 cr in 2v2,and I am looking for help from better rogues to progress further. I don’t play 3v3 because it feels nearly impossible to find a team, so 2v2 is my go to.

I feel as if I am doing something completely wrong yet I can’t figure it out myself. I have been looking up guides but a lot of them are…not very helpful and some even outdated (titles as 8.1. guides yet still recommending me to use deadly brew).

I feel like my dps is way too low so…where can I get advice to get better? Where do you get yours? How do you reach 1,8k rating? Or even higher?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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this is so vague it’s really hard to say anything.

do you have any recordings you could share or something?


Not in particular,im mainly looking for an in depth guide and how to respond to each classes.

I can write down my rotation and build if that helps…:S


Add rheyn#2184, I’m 2.6 xped rogue. I’m back in game after months of break tho :slight_smile: Still can help because even its worst form, WoW community is still the best among all games, I’d like to help you out.

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I’ve played R-druid/sin rogue and play it at 2200 current season 2400 last season. The general idea atleast to get to 1800 for the mog is that your druid is going to in most match ups greed feral affinity and you CC one kill the other and smorc with maledict trinkets, at low rating rogue is almost fully capable of solo CCing for lethal set up with the duration of blind and sap alone.

Low MMR doesn’t matter too much but elaborate planning offers more damage, wound poison with master poisoner gives you better dampening. Traits are important to get one of each mostly I see other rogues using, mastery haste enchants with ring haste enchants. Spec mark for death so you can have full kidney at a button press, you can also use MFD if you dont use any addons to track the DR of kidney then that way too if you use them both immediatley.

Alot of melee dps in current game will smorc you harder than you can to them so some comps like fury shaman you’ll find maybe better luck rotting both with full dots where as other games tunneling priest is the soul easiest answer.

if you want help from professionals who play the game for a living youtube channels like skillcapped might have updated guides IDk.


What is the reason things become more difficult at 1800?
Is the gap between pre/post 1800 that big?


Reroll horde, very easy to find teams for 3 vs 3 and 2 vs 2.

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2v2 with a healer is incredibly monotonous. You can predict everyone’s every global of like first 30-40 seconds of the game before it even started. Its all about knowing how to respond to different cooldowns. You just need to play more and you’ll get there eventually. There is no way you cant reach 2k-2.2k if you just do your… “rotation” and dont mess up.

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