Need help spending 6 mln gold

So my vacations got cancelled for the second year in a row, thanks to the latest variant, and I just got the refund from the travel agency. I’m so angry\frustrated and in need of a release, I really feel like doing something crazy with that money, like dumping it on WoW tokens, among other things. Problem is, I’m a brand new lvl 50 ret Paladin, never played WoW in my life before, still learning the most basic things about interface and how it all works in this beautiful MMO. Zero quests completed so far, I know the bare basics of WC history and lore from playing WC3 and FT back in the days, but much has happened in the meanwhile. Just auctioned 3 tokens, to see how it works; currently sitting on 900 k + gold and NOT A CLUE what to to with it. If I really decide to get more of those (there’s a limit of 20 as far as I know), what am I going to do with all that gold? And is it really that much? There are tons of videos of pros who seem to be farming millions a day, so maybe 6 millions gold ain’t that much after all… But there MUST be something cool that one can do with it, even if it doesn’t get you the most gg gear in the game. Any suggestions? I’m brand new, so please explain it well; I have to google every single acronym people use. Thank you all very much for your help.

PS: if it were D2R, I’d gamble all that gold away on coronets\boots and maybe gloves, but I have not been able to find anything similar in WoW, if there is such an option, please point it out. Thanks again.

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there used to be a 5million gold mount… but Blizz removed that.

So now, you have a 2million gold mount and 500k mount (both from Legion) that you can dump the gold to.

Other than that, you can just send the gold all to my alt. Thanks :slight_smile:

But honestly. Gold is pretty useless in the game at the moment if you have any spare time to play it. It’s easy to earn and most players are just earning it to trade it in for WoW tokens to people like you, so they can play for free, or buy Store Mounts.

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Jokes aside no point of buying boosts or anything like that since if you do that you will be need to do the same thing in 9.2 be smarter and invest your gold in AH or wait for the next expansion to take advantage of the starting economy. Or yet it’s Christmas share the gold with poor people just 50k a person even that can bring a smile to others around you.


buy tokens , convert it to blizz cash wait 1st of jan then you can buy up all the blizz physical merch ^.^

Since wow tokens will allow you to buy plushies , t-shirts etc Starting 1st of Jan

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You can build a Bionic Man with that money.
You have the technology.



I thank everyone who pitched in, however in my specific case, using gold to buy back tokens would be a bad idea, I’d be much better off buying physical merchandise INSTEAD of tokens, something I might very well do. As far as in-game uses for excess gold, I’ll look into mounts, and investing in the Auction House, as was kindly suggested. However, I don’t even know where to begin. Which mounts are worth the expense for a Paladin? What items should I target at the AH? And in what quantity?

In D2R it’s so easy to get rid of excess gold; just gamble it until I get a marginally better gg item, give the old one to a lower lvl character or a friend; problem solved. WoW seems much more complicated in that sense. How do you turn gold into power, even if it’s in the good old ultra grindy blizzard fashion?

If I were you I’d level to 60, start gearing up and get involved in endgame content. By doing that, you’ll start to get a feel for what aspects of the game you WANT to spend gold on. There’s nothing to stop you just sitting on the gold until you’ve decided how you want to spend it.

(And my guess would be that it’s blowing the real world money on tokens right now that’s helping to release some of the frustration. That you can exchange them for gold means you’ll have something to show for it.)


Is that actually confirmed?

Because if it’s not I very much doubt it will be a thing. Letting players buy Digital products like mounts and transmogs is no skin off Blizzards back. But letting players buy physical products actually has a financial cost attached to it (beyond someones salary). It’s unlikely that Blizz will ever let you buy physical products for Gold.

You can buy a boost to gladiator!

Its the meta theese days!

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just buy the mounts , cosmetic gear that you like cuz that is what the game is about .gathering mounts pets and cosmetics for your character .


and who do you think that wow token money goes to ?

Feel free to send it to Ponytaîl-Elune if you have no clue!

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Of all the companies around the world you can spend your money, I think Blizzard is one of the last where you should dump that money.
If you’re going to blow it anyway, donate it to somewhere it is needed. Not a company that doesn’t respects its own players or even its own product.
Just my 2 cents.

Welcome to the game btw!


The point is, giving players Blizz Balance to buy Digital products is already cash in the bank. There’s no cost on “restocking” Digital products, they’re already there and they just keep making money at no cost to Blizz.

Physical products cost money to replace. So why would they give this stuff away at a cost, when they’ve already got the money.

If this is the case, expect the value of Blizz balance from wow tokens to drop dramatically.

where did you get that magical formula ? do you think having players play the game on servers cost them zero money ? or other cost associated with it ?

Well, that’s why there’s a subscription fee. /facepalm

The blizz store merch use to be an independant thing now it will be linked withing the same cash shop as digital items.

So yes Physical merch will be purchasable after 1st of Jan

Yes, I’ll do that, RPGs are supposed to be about levelling and progressing through the storyline, you’re spot on about that. It’s just that by watching videos on utube as a CLUELESS new palyer, and seing how everyone seems to be obsessed with farming gold, I thought that there had to be countless cool ways to have fun with it IN-GAME, not just mounts and stockpiling crafting materials… but maybe there’s more to that, IDK, starting to feel a little owerwhelmed, anyways, thanks for all the help, really appreciated, will try to ease into it instead of diving head on…

Can you link official confirmation of this please.

Thank you, will look into it, I have no clue what that means tbh, but I’ll look it up. Thanks