Need help spending 6 mln gold

you can buy sylvanas mythic kill and the spider mount

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So uou have … £300 or so?

WHY would you put it into WoW gold? That is seriously a terrible place to put it. Almost anything in the real world would be better.

You hardly need any gold to play WoW. Once you get to 60, you make more than you spend, and you need only a few thousands or tens of thousands at most. (World Top 100 raiders are an exception, but that ain’t you.)

There is nothing like player housing where you can invest in your future status and capability in the game.

When we get past the question of what you need to play the game - repairs, consumables and so on - there are two possible directions to spend more than a few thousand.


You can pay crazy prices for really rare cosmetics, especially mounts. But they’re just for show. They don’t run any faster or fly any higher. Most are not particularly attractive - just rare. And when I say expensive, when one of the sought-after ones randomly appears on the Black Market Auction House, it will be sold in minutes for gold cap - 9,999,999 gold.

Yeah, ok, if someone has the gold and wants them, sure, I guess, but a new player should AT LEAST hunt some of your own before you decide to spend £300 on a bunch of pixels whose only value is that it is not common in a game.

There is one mount, maybe two, worth buying: the Grand Expedition Yak for 120K. And/or the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth for 20K. Both of them come with a mobile vendor on board, which is very handy, and the Yak comes with a Transmogrifier as well.

Those two actually do something for you, unlike all the others.

Some armor appearances can be a bit expensive - there are a few in the tens or hundreds of thousands. But they don’t make you play any better, and you will stop using them when you change your mog.


When you reach 60, you can pay people to boost you through high-level content so that you get very strong gear.

As long as you pay in gold rather than cash, Blizzard will not ban you.

6 million will get you very decent gear (Heroic level + bit of Mythic) very quickly, if you choose your mix of boosts carefully.

And now you will be well geared - not top-tier, but more than you need - with no idea how to play, or where to apply your gear.

And the gear will be out of date when 9.2 comes.


Anyway, those are your general choices to splurge 6M. If some part of that interests you, I or anyone else here will be happy to fill in the details and answer any questions about specifics.


Feel free to send me some gold, Lunaera-Kazzak, I will make sure your gold is not wasted.

Also, create a horde race, I will join you and help you the best way possible.

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Thank you for the welcome friend. I have not been on top of recent developements; I’m an old time D2\SC2\WC3 player; I came back recently to try out D2R, and because of my vacation going to hell, I decided to finally give WoW a try over the holidays. Don’t really know what the resentment against Blizzard is all about; I can only hope that the problem gets solved once and forall, whatever it may be, so that everyone can go back to just having a good time with his or hers favourite games of all time.


We had gotten used to a pattern of “bad expansion, good expansion”. Everyone seems to have accepted that there would be something wrong with every second expansion. Cataclysm bad, Mists good. Warlords bad, Legion good. Then we had BfA bad … and Shadowlands worse. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ll hear some people disputing that, but that was the most common vibe.)

You first have to understand that the last three years of WoW have been generally disappointing, because that soured a lot of people on the game, even those that are still playing. With a drop in subscribers, they have compensated by selling more in the Shop, which is not popular. Blizzard have also flamed out on other projects in the last couple of years. So, generally, they have been in a creative slump, not only in WoW, but generally losing their public shine. (Doing fine for revenue and stock price, though.)

Then, on top of that, came a lawsuit primarily about California’s non-discrimination conditions, suggesting that some women were being disadvantaged in pay and promotions, and also, as a minor coda, alleging sexual harrassment by some old-time guys in Blizzard. If you actually look into it, the story is probably no worse than you might find at dozens of similar sized companies, but it is likely real, and provided a flashpoint for keyboard warriors around the world to get their dopamine hit from, so everyone is loving piling on.

So the current opprobrium Blizzard is getting is of their own making, but we’re still in the flash-mob phase, so it is obligatory to bring it up regardless of the point being discussed.


Hey, thanks for taking the time and getting me up to speed on so many topics! I won’t comment on the lawsuits and such; I believe the US has a very good legal system (relative to many other countries), and they will get things sorted out in due time; people should not add uninformed speculation to such sensitive topics BEFORE the courts have emitted their final sentence… it only creates confusion and a toxic enviroment, so I’ll say no more on that.

Regarding WoW, so far I only bought 3 tokens at 20 euros a piece, plus the lvl boost and a 6 month subscription… I may very well NOT buy more tokens, at least until I’ve figured out what to do with the 900 k I already own (managed to spend 4700 on some riding training, not sure what it does but at least I’m almost 5k lighter thanks to that, which hardly puts a dent anyways). I’ve checked out the mounts that you spoke of, they are very cool, but I have no clue about reaching the parts of the world where those are sold; I get lost all the time in Stormwind city; have to check my map a dozen times just to go from one vendor to the other, and I’m afraid that if I leave the city, I may never find my way back to it, so I’m staying put inside for now. I even found some mobs to kill down in the dungeon; was hoping to practice some combat, but they all die in one hit, so it doesn’t help me understand the difference between all my abilities… except the cooldows range a lot, and some abilities require divine power… that’s all I managed to learn, and I feel totally unprepared to face any real challenge…

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I remember the feeling! How big and confusing just travelling the world is.

Please have a look at this post, pointing to a YouTube video that explains a LOT of things that newcomrs find confusing. Loooong video, but has bookmarks so you can quickly look up 1-2 minutes on the topic of interest. New player - #2 by Gráinne-earthen-ring

Here is the section on intro to travel


If you want, I’ll friend you for now, so you can ask me any questions you have?

Travel is ok, once you get the hang of it. MOST IMPORTANT, talk to any Innkeeper in Stormwind - there’s one in the Trade District, between the Bank and the Auction House, and say “Make this Inn my home.” Then right-clicking your Hearthstone in your bag will take you there from ANYWHERE in the game, so you are always guaranteed a safe journey home.

In the Mage Quarter of Stormwind is a Tower. Climb it, and at the top are portals to every continent. That’s how you get from Stormwind to any area in the game without using your Hearthstone. Each continent also has a portal back to Stormwind.

At 50, you are just out of Chromie Time, so pretty much everything below you will be too easy. Very suitable time to go exploring, meet the Flight Masters so you can fly from place to place on a taxi. If you want to find something to fight, though, you could go through the portal at the end of the left-hand corridor as you come to the intersection of the “T” in the mage tower. That will bring you to Boralus, where the mobs will also be level 50.

Or if you want to pick up your first mount, you can do this:

  1. Choose the portal to Dalaran-Crystalsong Forest (Northrend)
  2. Fly south to Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight.
  3. Fly down the path into the opening at the bottom and go straight into the portal ahead of you
  4. Immediately kill the big dragon straight ahead of you

Everything else will pile in on you but at level 50, they won’t even scratch your armour. :smiley:

Part of the loot will be the Reins of a flying Drake. (Which one depends on settings. Don’t worry about it.)

Right-click it, and you have leared a new mount!


At 50, you are expected to take the quest that brings you to the Shadowlands

but you might want to explore and prepare a little first.

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I understand. Always better to experience it yourself than following other’s stories.
Although I might complain, I still have love for the game.
Hope, and I am sure about it, you’ll have a really great time.
Just don’t spend too much in the beginning.


I’m sure Bobby the Devil thanks you for your donation to his next Boat

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Sure I’d like to be friends! Thanks for all the tips and info, will put it all into practice in the next days. Will be watching the video guide on the phone while playing, so I can stop it and immediately practice the new stuff. I also think that I’ll create a new character, to go through the tutorial, which I hear is very well made and really helps clueless new players like me a ton. Fact is, I’ve spent the last 3 months power levelling over a dozen characters on D2R, so the idea of starting from lvl 1 kinda makes me sick, but it’s probably the best and only way to learn the game. I can always go back to the boosted lvl 50 Paladin when I finally feel comfortable about playing WoW (never thought it would turn up to be such a complex game!!!). A big thank to all who helped out today!

OK. Keep in mind when watching that guide that

  • Character levels have been “squished”. What was level 120 is now Level 50, so level numers are lower
  • There is now “Chromie Time”, where you talk to Chromie to be scaled to a particular expansion between level 10 and 50

You aren’t online now, but I’ll try and contact you again. When set up, you can ask me questions even when I’m offline, which is a lot these days.

Will do. Thanks again. I should be online now.

I don’t see you online, on that character at least?

I’m experiencing disconnects more often tha usual, don’t know why. Anyways, I had my battlenet status changed from busy to online, and I can see which ones of my friends are online and which are not, so I don’t know if there is something more I have to do so that you can add me?

Are you logged on on that character, Oniryam-turalyon ?

I believe I am. On the “change character” menu, this is the only available choice, and I re-selected it just to be sure. I also see this character’s icon in the upper right corner. Maybe I forgot to tell you that I’m in Europe, so maybe we are on different servers\realms\whatever else they’ve come up with that I don’t know about

No, we’re both in Europe. And I’m logged on a connected server, and see only 3 level 50s online, none of which are you?

Maybe post your BattleTag here, exactly, with letters in the correct case, and then edit it out after we make contact?

Ok so I just googled “battletag”, cause I had never heard the word before, and I believe mine should be the following:

That’s what I see when I open Blizzard’s game launcher, no matter what game I select.

Request Sent. Check your Friends for Pending.

Buy a better game instead.

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