Need help with 2nd boss of VP

I know exactly the strategy, but I have an issue executing it as a healer.

This includes the fact that some puggies stay off wind, and are slow+ticking dmg, stupid me as a healer always doing my best to save them, and then I make a stupid mistake.

Now this incorporereal adds sometimes pop during the extending circle, then I try to CC it, but I guess I need to wait until I drop ?

Does transcendence work?

Sounds like you’re trying to be a superhero here. You’re already struggling to keep people alive. The boss has no adds and no interruptible spells. That means the whole group should have spells ready to disrupt Incorporeal so that you don’t need to sacrifice your already strained healing to deal with it.

Just chill and refuse to heal ppl off wind. And forget about incorporeal. U cant be a superman. This fight is very heling intensive. So stay focused on selfsurviving and keeping ppl folowing up-wind alive.


Transcendence does indeed work for skipping over the ring.

Mouseover paralyze is your friend for incorp.

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if you would always do this, i believe you never can finish a key, because you need all the dmg you can have to finish the fight as soon as possible

Thus fight has been nerfed to oblivion its not hard now, most people dont know the wind mechanic wich is pathetic.

I have tried this Dungeon so often and it’s insane to me how i had Teammates with 2.3K+ Rio and still not knowing about the Wind mechanic just standing there as casters with like 0 Haste and not realising that moving 2 Feet would fix the issue…

Just feels like VP is almost unpugable, people are just down right Idiots.

Don’t even get me started on People not hitting there Spacebar on Asaad, missing it once, okay can happen, but tanking 5/5? Nah i don’t get it. I don’t understand how people never seem to ask themselfs “Hey, why am i the only one getting clapped by this?”.

Thanks for the tips, I tried it again yesterday, did beat the boss, but it’s was soooo frustrating :slight_smile:

Tank also pulled the dragon+4 assassins, not fun, very hard to heal as well.


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