Need help with a druid resto "big heal" macro

So, basically what I’m trying to do is to maximize the output of my one-click “oh sh…” resto heal. The plan was something like that:

/cast Overgrowth
/cast Nature’s Swiftness
/cast Regrowth

But it’s not working. The NS is NOT consumed in the end. I end up with OG and active NS, as if I had never even used the Reg. What’s the catch? If I remove the OG line, NS+Reg seem to work as intended. And I was hoping to chain Swiftmend in too, but it’s having the same issue - it’s not triggered with the HOTs on, macro just stops.

Before someone asked - yes, the in-game spelling is ok (linked from the spellbook), and I’ve waited for all the CDs to go up when I was testing this thing.

The GCD is.

Overgrowth and Regrowth are on GCD, those won’t work at the same time. NS is off GCD so that one can be cast together with 1 GCD ability.

You have some options, but I’d just make one macro for NS+Regrowth and keep OG and SM separate. Unless you want to work with modifiers like shift/alt/ctrl.


That simple? Omg. It had never occurred to me, that Swiftmend IS on GCD. I mean, it is supposed to be swift. :sweat_smile: I even thought I remembered including it in a macro, during the days of old…Could be wrong, I guess.

I also assumed, that putting NS between two regular instant spells “covers” the GCD part, but that’s where I was wrong. Thanks!

Going to field-test some more ideas later (please, don’t kick me, if you see me timewalking, lol. I’m not that terrible, I swear :innocent:).

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