Need help with Attumen

I have a hard time seeing this ghost, also puggies don’t help.

I managed to find a WA, but that I believe is something everyone needs to have, so say “I got it”?

How much of an issue is it for a DPS, or whomever gets it, to stop for a second, on make their own shout-button, stating they got it on them.

You can say, do I need to stop DPS for that, but it’s a group wipe ability, how important is your DPS if you’re all dead?

Anyways, that boss is basically my only issue, I was so happy never to see it again, and yet here it is. I’m sure in friend-groups it’s easy af, on discord etc, but in a pug group, it’s basically my worst fear.

Any advise here?

And lastly, for Blizzard, give people an option to PRACTISE this in a HC queue version, or M0. Having no dungeons to practise doesn’t help at all.

I’d tell the group before the run even starts how that mechanic works, and before pulling the boss, remind them to spread out and check for the ghost. Most players will otherwise just dismiss it as “magic debuff = healer problem”.

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I do and did, sometimes lucky, but since I played Holy Priest in S3, I need to gear again. Lower dungeons I noticed many people who either return, or never played them :wink:

Melee groups are hardest to see the ghosts.

Pretty sure there is some kind of bug with it. Just finished a 15 lower kara myself and Huntsman was a hell, we had the ghost, i could see the two ranged dps, none of them had it, i didnt have it, and i could see the tank, and it was pretty much impossible to see that he had it, so i quickly guessed it was the melee dps behind the boss that had it so i dispelled him, he did not have it. So we had some deaths there, got CRs going, took a look again and was still really hard to see, so more or less took a guess on the tank and that was the correct.

Also when Midnight charges, it hits before it actually hits it seems in many cases.

Horse ghosts coming through the wall, was that always a thing ?

Pretty sure that was always a thing yeah, but it kinda have to be like that as well to allow some a party some space to move around, so the horse wall that charges from different direction can come through the walls as well, to prevent us from just finding some safe spot by them being static.

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Yeah now there is a weak aura for the dispel. Sadly in pugs not many people will have them.

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I went to m+ twice, and also went to the heroic version for the test.
In addition, I asked for help from a healer friend. So the test was on two different PCs, with different capacities.
Well what can I say… You will be out of luck if this hits melee-dd, but it seemed to me that the debuff prioritizes r-dd.
So, at the beginning of the debuff, a model of a big guy appears for 2 seconds, then absolutely nothing gives him away for 4 seconds. then, again, for 2 seconds, he appears, and disappears for 4.
In addition to the problems with a bunch of animations in a melee range, we get a debuff that works 2-4-2-4-2 and on until the end.
If the animation did not disappear for 4 seconds, it would be at least a little easier. Although in the melee range it is still almost impossible to notice.

I would suggest that the developers add an extra button, so when you click on it, the one who clicks it would be highlighted with a spotlight. At least in this case, the responsibility will be shared.

If you’re talking about a solo test, then You can switch the difficulty to “heroic” and enter through the same entrance as in the actual dungeon. You will enter the Legion Dungeon. Kill 2 bosses and you can safely test this boss.

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I know mate, but I mean, with a group lol :wink:

In any case, I always tell the group, if they decide they don’t give af, and I don’t see the ghost in time, it is, what it is!

Btw, did these horses in Legion also tend to come through a wall sometimes?

Write before pull:
write + when you have a shade for dispell or RIP key

Not sure if there is a way to automate it, shade seems to be purely visual. And Karazhan is very punishing even if 1 player performs poorly by design

There is a boss called Mekatorque - it was much harder but pug raids beat him somehow

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I like it, I mean, I try my best to find it when nobody gives af, but at least they know in advance, that if we wipe, it’s also on them.

I will make a macro or something, I mean, I always try my best, I’m no robot, everyone makes mistakes, but there’s that, and there’s just not giving af about mechanics!

This is why I do them on low levels now, besides the fact I need to gear this Season 2 toon.

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