Need help with druids


I need tips regarding 1v1 vs druids in wpvp. I use wound poison but they seem to outheal me and win by attrition.
The fights also takes a long time compared to many other classes I world pvp with.

This is NOT a nerf X class thread.

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Try to force trinket without using blind so you can reset, thats the win condition realistically for most classes with self healing. if you cant get a reset you’re not likely going to win if they have half a brain, try smorcing with racial & maledict trinket early with first kidney and everything to force trinket if you’re uncertain about getting their trinket in the first go, since the fight might not last for another full kidney. Save cloak for incarn if its balance or thorns if its feral.

edit: having engineering is -huge- with the choice of enchants you can get on your belt and cloak, personally I use a 20k absorb on my belt at the moment or sometimes swap to the knock back depending on mood.


Honestly on my rogue I find druids to be a free kill with their lack of defensives just force trinket and reset pop your CDs and burst them down just practise in bg and duels bud.

second time open with garrote and cheapshot + rupture into vendetta plus DMG trinket if you have one (this is for assassination) then do normal mut toxic envenom rotation and kick if they try to cast a heal or cyclone… they should go down pretty quick if they aren’t sat in bear form, pop evasion as soon as the stun ends so they can’t counter very easily

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