Need macro help

So I copied this from general section since I dont know how to bump my thread there, cant quote and editing dont help either.


Like I tried to do some research but I suck. I managed to get this far.

#showtooltip Phoenix Flames
/castsequence reset=5 [@cursor] Flamestrike, Phoenix Flames

so I want to perform Phoenix after Flamestrike and Pyroblast every time, but as far as this setup goes, whenever my Phoenix runs out of charges I cant press the main abilities anymore which are FS and Pyro.

I want to create a macro that doesnt jam my main abilities whenever Phoenix runs out of charges. Can anyone help? I thought about lowering reset but in the end I cant figure it out. Thanks in advance.

Not possible with a castsequence. They’re designed to only advance on successful cast.

Is there any macro that can help me out here? I want to combine Pyro with Phoenix but still be able to cast Pyro when Phoenix runs out of charges.

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