Need more customization

We need dark iron dwarves with new facial hairs and split them into mustache and beards, like regular dwarves can

Forsaken - they need new facial hairs

Darkspear and Zandalari - need new beards and more hairstyles for Zandalari

Kul Tiran humans - need more new skin colors and have the same amount from the stormwind humans, and 3 unique skin color for death knights, it still lacks

Highmountain Tauren - need 3 unique skin colors for death knights, since regular taurens can have them, so do Highmountain

Blood and Void elves - need more new facial hairs

Goblins - new beard option


that´s right

Worgen, Tauren and Pandas have hairstyles

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Fat forsaken when?

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oh no…

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Hmm I know some have asked for Nathanos humans as playable but, As Im looking at the Character creation for forsaken. Maybe they just need back straight with different animations similar to how orcs have Hunched and Upright and more pretty faces for females, like the number 1 face for female forsaken as an example (With the forsaken features) and the males can face shape their face abit but atm the male forsaken have the same face on all faces which is a rectangle face (The Addams family butler Lurch face.)

So if they could have the option of Narrow, wide and round face shapes, they would be able to make a different kind of forsaken. And also remove the “Claws” long nails to more normal looking hands. And beards for the Forsaken males.

Could also give them humans eyes but…has thin layer of grey similar to Forsaken eyes number 7.

Dark ranger customization for nightborne aswell

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