Neltharion boss fight

Yeah, as it looks now, we’ll only be fighting him in human form…

Which is lame, I was really hoping to see this huge dragon aspect starting as a black dragon with black dragon powers than slowly turning into the big bad from Cataclysm we all love as the stages progress. That would’ve been one of the coolest fights in game.

I mean I only do LFR, but I’d spam that fight to oblivion.:sweat_smile: If it ends up really being only human form, than meh…

As for the rest of Aberrus, honestly I only care about Deathwing, the other bosses are OK (including the Dracthyr big bad final boss whatever his name is, can’t Google now), but nothing nearly as close and interesting as Deathwing.

Nice spoiler, thanks. I avoid mmo-champion to miss stuff like this and you have just ruined it.


You had plenty of time to not read all message from OP and you still willingly
choose to read all of it and now you whine like a little toddler… :roll_eyes:

wait i thought the guy is dead

He is, it’s just an echo, simulacrum, whatever. He’s not even the final boss.

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