Nerf disarms

Not my ideas, but I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment.

With so much CC in the game, disarms are overpowered and and cripple specs like Marksman or Frost DK.

They should have increased coolodown, ranged disarms should not be a thing, and they should be reduced by PvP trinket bonus.


I think those two specs have slightly bigger issues than a disarm

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VS monk, the game is literally punishing the hunter for creating distance with 40 yard range disarm. Rogues should have not gotten it at all.

The problem with these 2 specs specifically for disarms is that MM and Frost can’t just go back to pumping like wars, rogues and monks can.

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Nerf kicks or give Disarm to casters too


Id just buff precognition to 10 sec and/or make it baseline for caster
If melee fails to kick he should be properly punished

Thats why i dropped, it’s arms 24/7 + disarm in pillar 24/7.

I am frost dk.

So what should we do? Fake all day instead doing dmg? I don’t care about that stupid talent, I can take 1 min CD Disarm tho.

and how do you counter it?

I don’t counter it, i go rip instead.

But i got a new thing atm, when i se arms i better cleave healer 24/7.

I got a question. How can ww monk possibly have a range disarm? This make zero sense and why rogues disarm is not energy depended or point depended? Christ this game…

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Yes, buff warriors harder

It is. But hey. “Blablabla /cry about Rogues, no I’m not going to check that I am not saying bs, I just wanna cry 'cause I lost after using trinket on Sap”.


well if the game was properly designed, missing an interrupt would be the punishment in itself.

but in a world where casters don’t cast or have multiple schools to bait, it doesn’t really matter. i still think precognition is a band-aid fix to “costless” micro cc, especially from melee.

in the end it’s a lose-lose situation. casters complain that they can’t do jacksh*t when they’re trained by 2 melees, and melees complain they can’t reliably connect and have target uptime when they face a wizzard in a triangle spamming their pve rotation.

in a perfect world they would just enforce caster melee healer comps and design / balance the game around that, but i think it’s safe to say it’s NEVER gonna happen.


hero class

Disarm on monks is probably the only thing stopping a lot of melee from murdering you in the first salvo.

Monks have some of the worst defensives in the game on the longest timers.

Do you remember hunters couldn’t shoot you if you got into melee range. Now you can shoot no matter what the circumstance.

Don’t forget about Enhancement. Disarms basically remove your 3 min CD window with one global. :smiley:

I’d love to play a season like that, where wizardcleaves and meleecleaves would all be inferior against the range+melee+healer comps. But if they reduce the importance of synergy and instead make everything more able to carry itself in a solo queue, then it’ll always become better to stack what’s most borken (funnier to write broken that way).
Gonna be interesting to see how Blizzard handles the PvP balancing in the future.

Bring back anti disarm enchants, like a gear piece enchant that reduces by 25% or a weapon enchant that reduces by 50%.

Sorry this would make rogues weaker and blizzard is simlly not having that. They need to be S+ every single season

Tbh monk is the class which makes the most sense to disarm so prolly cuz of that they have the strongest, think of monk more like a martial artist/kungfu/brucelee guy.

Should be baseline tbh but last time blizz cared about monk design is 2 expansions ago

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