Nerf Judgement Dispel

Remove judgement dispel. If they want to give a magic dispel, give rets another ability with a cooldown on a global. Stop baking numerous benefits into one spell.


Not sure here but it actually might be a bug. I remember that in S3 SL they put internal 10 sec CD on dispel but it’s not working right now.

In my understanding it never had internal cd, just that judgement were 10sec cd with no additional charge. Quite sure ive heard ppl say Divine toll used to still work with it before, but judgement of the pure + blessed champion just showed how toxic it is.

But yes, either rework it or remove it and give a PvP talent that isnt now garbage like Lawbringer.

Where were you in 10.0>>>10.0.5 ? These retmongoloids had it there too!

And whole SL btw.

We needed your voice.

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