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And we are back…

Nerve has a long history throughout the years, we play together since Vanilla wow in a semi-hardcore basis. At our pick under the name Verdict, we achieved number 80 in the world (Wotlk) and several other places bellow 500. We won’t bother you further with history, you may ask for the Guild, by getting in touch with us.

Our current recruitment needs are:

Top Priority: 1 Tank. Monk DD, Enh Shaman, 1 Rdruid

Raid Days: 2 Nights per week - Thursday* & Tuesday
*Thursday Might Change to Wednesday, i will update when and if it is decided.


  1. 100% attendance for the raids per week
  2. Being able to receive constructive criticism
  3. Being able to execute simple orders such as Hit the priority target and stop caring for your parses.
  4. Having worth to mention experience is a huge plus, regardless your gear
  5. Internet connection should stable. It is a great reason to be removed from the guild if your connection causing issues
  6. Having progression mindset is non negotiable, farming for your last piece of gear is nice for you, but we want to progress
  7. Gear should be fully enchanted and Gemed, non negotiable
  8. Ready to use the best possible consumables for your class in any raid (Food, pots, phials, etc)
  9. Being moderately active outside raiding ours doing the minimum required it is also important… No need to burn out, on the contrary.
  10. Having a proper attitude is good, if not, better stay silent and do not cause drama…

From us, you should expect progression. We will be prepared to efficiently progress those 2 nights per week. We will try to minimize the amount of wipes so to move forward… But more on that later.

More information and for application submission please visit our Website: www.nerve-guild.net

You may contact me on:

BN: Audacity#21362
Discord: Audacity#0373


Recruitment Update:

2 Healers
1 Range Dps
1 Melee

Hi there!,

Are you looking for a WW melee by any chance? Happy to apply

First Heroic raid last night, 6/8 with 3 wipes in total.

Still on the lookout for 2 Healers and 2 Range Dps.

Melee priority got lowered, we will consider exceptional applicants only.

Thank you

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Hey Guys,

Still in dire need of Healers!!

Where are the Healers?

Still looking for 2!!

What are the raid days?


We have not yet decided on those, we will decide the coming week.

What is certain is the 2 raiding nights starting around 20:15

Kind regards,

What days are you currently using?
Resto Sham that would be really interested if the days/times would work
Mazzranache#0019 discord if you would like a chat

Status Update:

Guild is taking its final form in terms of numbers.

Next reset we will be ready to jump into mythic with full roster.

Our current recruitment needs are:

1 Healer
2 Range Dps
1 Melee Dps
1 Tank (One of our tanks will go dps, as soon as we find a suitable replacement)

Thank you

Hey guys,

still on the look for the above

Especially healers!

2/8 Mythic

Current recruitment Needs

  1. Healers (Any will do at the moment)
  2. Range Dps (Boomkin, Mage, Hunter as priority, but any other will do for now)
  3. Melee Dps (Rogue, Warrior, Enh Shaman as priority, but as always any other will do aswell)
  4. Still on the lookout for a tank so our guy to reroll dips

Contact me in-game for more info

Status update

8/8 Heroic
2/8 Mythic

Recruitment needs are:

1 Healer Preferably Druid
Melee DPS Warrior, Enh Shaman, Dk
Range DPS Hunter, Mage, Shadow Priest, Boomkin

It goes without saying, that exceptional players will be considered regardless their class and role

Hello Guys,

Progress update:
We got Terros on 7%, should go down next reset.

In terms of Recruitment Priorities are:

2 Healers, preferably one of them Resto druid

Range DPS, in general we are in need of Range dps, would be nice to get a Hunter, a boomkin and a mage, but rest range would also do.

Melee dps top priority is a Warrior

Our setup is almost ready, we need some additions, that’s true, but we expect that by next reset, our setup will be optimal for all fights.


Recruitment is still open for the following roles

2 Healers: we would prefer 1 resto druid and a Paladin. but rest are welcome as well

2 Range Dps: Preferably mage and hunter, but once again rest will do just fine

1 Melee dps: Preferably DK but… You know the drill

Contact me in game or discord, information on the initial post

Thank you

3/8M Currently, with spider going down next raid.

Our recruitment needs becoming more targeted and can be summarized as:

1 Resto Druid
1 DK (Unholy)
1 Boomkin

It goes without saying that exceptional players may contact us regardless their class and role, i am sure we will work something out.

Thank you very much,

Hello everyone,

4/8M currently expecting the next one to go down soon.

Our current recruitment needs are:

1 Healer (preferably druid or paladin)
2 melee dps (Preferably DK and Enh Shaman)
2 Range dps (preferably Mage, boomkin, warlock)

Thank you

Still on the look for:

1 Healer - Holy Paladin or Resto Druid
2 Melee Dps: Preferably, DH, Enh Shaman, DK

You may Apply on www.nerve-guild.com

It is a very short application form, that serves us well, in order to identify basic elements of the applicant.

Thank you Very much

Still on the look!!

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6/8M Currently and recruitment is now open for all Healing Classes.

We are revamping our healing team and we are in the lookout for competent healers.

In terms of dps classes, Evokers, DKs, Monks and Shadow priests are more than welcome.

As always, exceptional players from any class and role, are welcome

www.nerve-guild.net for applications

or Contact me in game

Thank you