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Hello everyone,

Nerve is a Guild founded several years ago, since then we actively raiding most of the content blizzard has offered us, we took some break every now and then, but generally we were here.

We now are a 2 days raiding Guild and we intend to keep it this way, we offer a serious raiding environment without the need to spend several hours in-game to achieve progress.

Core of the Guild is consisted by experienced raiders, with an everlasting will to progress. Atmosphere is calm but demanding, we expect our players to show up for raids and if for any reason they can’t to inform in advance. All these years we never canceled a raid due to lack of people and that’s something will never change.

Raiding Days

Monday: 20:30 to 23:15 (approximately)
Tuesday: 20:30 to 23:15 (approximately)

We do not add extra raiding days and we do not extend the hours past 23:30 for any reason.

Requirements to join

Raiding experience in current or previous content is a must, goes without saying having experience on current content is a huge plus.

Gear should be suitable for Mythic encounters, we currently don’t recruit players with entry level gear.

Neck should be 80, nothing less than that

Rank 3 on all essences considered as BiS is mandatory

Cloak rank should always be the current highest

Lastly, being able to understand English, having a microphone, proper internet with no often disconnections and under normal circumstances you are able to join all raids is absolute must.

Frequently asked Questions and answers:

Do you guys extend lockouts for progress and rank purposes?

As a general principal no, in fact as i am typing those lines, we are 6/12M and we always re-cleared before progression. That said, there are occasions that we may consider extending the lockout so to give a slight boost to our progression.

If i want to take a break from the game will i lose my position within the Guild?
You can’t force someone to play a game, that’s a universal truth, so taking a break is fine, so as breaks for exams, vacations, etc. As long as you will inform in advance, your spot and your rank will remain as they are.

How do you handle loot?

We use RCLOOTCOUNCIL addon and when applicable we distribute the loot based on Guild’s needs (aka loot council)

I like to do racist comments and jokes, am i welcome?


If i want to reroll, am i allowed?

Playing a class you want is the only way to enjoy the game, so yes, rerolls are welcoming and we will support you anyway we can. Do know though, that you will join progression raids with your new char, when you are close or on par with the rest of the team

Do you guys have players within the Guild interested into Mythic plus push?

Yes we do!!

How can i contact you?

You may apply to our website: www .nerve-guild. net


Add on battle net: Audacity#21362

Thank you for your consideration

Hi I’m Kaljor and I’m BUMPING this thread

Hey Guys,

Our recruitment needs are:

1 Paladin (Holy)
1 Warlock
1 Rogue
1 Mage (Fire)

We currently accept players with at least 4/12 Mythic and decent logs

Thank you very much

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