Network conditions stopped us from loading your personalized content

Hey guys,

I have this very speific issue with the game.
My game has been crashing for few days now. I can’t log any characters, it gets stuck on character screen, and even if I manage to click Enter World it never loads.
Also, while WOW app is active on my PC the whole PC is useless… bugging, glitching, slooow etc.
When I forcefully close WOW, because it doesn’t react any other way, on my app it says this
“Network conditions stopped us from loading your personalized content”

I was once successful in fixing this by turning off all systems that use my internet, and restarting my router. However, it happens again day later! I can’t turn of my internet every single day when I want to enter game :slight_smile:

Can someone please help with this issue?

Thank you!

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