Never seem to be good enough


So we (as in D.I.D, plural, not singular) have fun playing the game as hunter. But struggling a lot with this game at the max level part. Like we do like the mythics and raiding stuff, but people just seem not to take us no more. Gear score seems never to be high enough and than people with all their meters keep telling us our 5k damage is way too low. While already taking a lot of icy veins tips and having a lot of addons installed it seems to never be good enough. And trying to compete with everyone els just feels like more of a job than our actual job.

It feels like we need to do so much to just be casual that makes the gam way beyond casual game play, and than there’s the often fake idea of playing how you want to, while only x or y option seem to be able to become competitive. So “you can play how ever you like, but if you do not play how other people want us to play, we seem to get no chance to be taken in the end game stuff that’s supposed to be fun” :sob:


Im not a good dps, but i can pull off 16-27K dps on my marksman hunter

They seem to do good damage, shame they have no self reliance, i like dem dps with all of dem fancy defensives and the self heal x)


well, looking at your gear, 5k dps as a marksman does seem awfully low to be honest. if you need any help to improve your damage, maybe its best if you seek out the class specific forums for help.

well, feel free to create your own groups and do content at the speed and requirements you see fit.
raiding/m+ is very competitive, ESPECIALLY as damage dealer and its maybe best to look for like minded, more casual people rather than pugs.

no offence but you re not owed any invites. if other people dont want to invite you because of reason x, y or z they can do it. their party, their rules.
so yes, you can play how ever you like but so can other people.


Your pet by itself prolly does 5k dps


Download this:
Use it by typing “/simc” in-game, then copying the results.

Then paste them here:

That’ll show you the highest possible DPS you’re capable of with your current spec and gear. Then download a damage meter, go to a target dummy and practice your rotation until you’re somewhere near.


Pretty sure they’re trolling




Off course we are not, but that all that high competitive part does not make it exactly fun to even try since we never seem to be good enough



How could you manage to have such bad traits on azerite gear while using icy veins guides? 1 is for Survival, 2 of them are BM/Survival these are totally crap traits for MM. If you don’t know you can change these traits in your BFA capital city (Boralus it is). I don’t know where exactly cause i’m pure hordie, check for Azerite Reforger on google. Also remember that MM hunter is heavily punished if you have to move so try to practice your positioning on different fights.


Because icy veins is often just a block of text boring to read, we just get overwhelmed fast from reading a lot, specially if we do not even understand what it is we read and have to keep looking things up.
Yes we’ve been close combat hunter recently because of an axe we got. This having to switch in the expansions starting city does not make it friendly to switch specs “on the fly” and yes we get the “move as minimal as possible” thing for marksman. because close combat sure is helpful when going solo, but so draining when we do it in dungeons//raids.


well…if u can only do 5k dps u dont really belong in a raid or high m+ xD
i can deal 10k ST while healing…


wrong charter


There is Easy Mode in Icy Veins for beginners which gives instructions how to deal optimal DPS without additional spells/skills to use to make life simple.


It’s not even close to wall of text, and how can you tell something like :

while telling this:


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5K dps? Dude. My blood dk with ilvl 380 can do more than that. Are you sure you’re using your damage abilities? your pet alone should do more than that.


Maybe he needs some help and a guide playing his class and to be honest you can lose alot of dps having to move out of bad stuff and other boss mechanics.

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Maybe for mage. But hunters don’t have casting the way we do. Beastmastery basically runs around all the time anyways.


Nice Crown!

BTW hunters are generally not invited to keys simply because they are unable to control themselves and pull half of the instance. Negative stereotype, but a reliable one.

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I won’t say Icy-veins is a block of text, but what i will suggest is per say joining the hunter discord for help on things. And as also mentioned simming is a good way to get help with gear and what not, but you should never follow it 100% it’s mostly a suggestion with trinket’s, gear upgrade, dmg output etc.

Icy-veins, hunter discrod, simming are nice to look into and what not, but it’s mostly a guide and/or suggestion on how to do things and set things up.

Looking more closely your stats are a bit whack and can have a lot to say on your preformace (tho it seems you use BM talents when MM? or maybe armory not catched up as it happens at times). So its just a few things to really sort out, while 5k is extremely low for MM even with all of this it’s still a good suggestion to look into the hunter discord.


MM can get Lone Wolf buff by dismissing pet and there’s no problem then :slight_smile:


I never thought of mythics as “casual” content. Maybe you will understand your class better if you read the walls of text. All the skills, what they do with each other. And the passives too. If you know your skills and talents you’re off to a good start imo.
“end game stuff”
End game = casual? What is considered casual these days? Doing mythic +10 and pulling heroic raids, then grinding gear the whole day? If that is casual what the hell is serious gaming?