New 4k Digital Backgrounds Available

New 4k Digital Backgrounds Available

Whether you’re doing a little at-home streaming or are working from home, we have just the thing you’re looking for—new 4k digital backgrounds.

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I’m now using the Ardenweald image as my wallpaper :smiley:

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They look stunning. Any chance for a 5120x1440 size? :slight_smile:

Better than real life

How do you download these? I also want to use the Arden wallpaper but Chrome is not giving me the option.

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Right click on it once its loaded

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Good choice :ok_hand:

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Thank you! Seemed it was a bit slow - sorry for the wasted time haha.

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Elf chicks?! :heart_eyes:

With Elf chicks?! :heart_eyes:

Scenic landscapes…? :weary:

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Looks like I’ll be sitting outside the Necropolis for my Teams meeting tomorrow.

The New and Recent Zones look amazing… and then there’s the lower quality of Stormwind… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you - they are stunning.

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Ty I haven’t used WoW wallpaper since Sylvanaas became *****.

I will give it a go again with this new wall paper.

  • Right click the title for the image. E.g. "Shadowlands: Shattered Sky "
  • Select “Save Link As …”
  • Save it to somewhere easily accessible like Documents
  • Once downloaded, you can then right click the downloaded image file and select “Set as desktop background.”
  • Marvel in awe at how pretty your desktop is :heart_eyes: :framed_picture:

And now i can see a possibility to see Gilneas in 4K Backgrounds :heart_eyes:

I managed to grab it! Ardenweald is absolutely incredible! Please share more 4k images of that zone!

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Thanks, would it be possible to upload cinematics in 21:9 format and not 16:9 with black bars? Watching Shadowlands Cinematic on ultrawide monitor is really painful.

She will save us all…


Thank you! Awesome ) Like it ) And very useful.