New Auction House GOOD AND BAD

Hey. I think after a few days of running we can start to evaluate the New AH. Its only a start.

This is not a topic about bugs such as not receiving payment for auctions…. as usual that will normaly be fixed with resetting UI by the maintenance coming up midtweek and people will get payed what not received yet.

AH is used very individually and there will be issues found in both good and bad because people have different views. Also there will be issues on list looks very much the same…just slightly different. Its important to notice using AH is wery different from person to person. Some will prefere addons if Blizzard dont implement simple stuff to the engine they can use…. some others want greater fairness with less addon impact. Perhaps Theres some little things to do to make addons a little less needed now when Blizz has startet a New AH! In fact alot of people(not all ofc) will stop using addons if Blizzard implement some very small changes to AH without making it unfair or unstable.

i will list some goods and bads…Plz write stuff i can put on …i will edit post with obvious stuff u come with… or just discuss it in the chat :smiley:

Good stuff with new AH:
Its fast scan/instantly on a single item. Faster than Addon
Posting a product can get u a fast over view on a single item
People can post fast as cheapest seller .
Posting serveral stackable items at once( serveral 1000s)
Receiving Stackable items unsold in one mail
Bookmark favourite as simple scan on selected stuff when u are on AH
More anonymous selling. less naming people and servers
Less undercutting …more same price
As fast as addons to post a single item cheapest
Buy precise number of mats at once, of different sellers and prices
Right-click mouse on item in sell menu to scan/post ur item

**Bads: **
Is not flexible when u have loads off different mats to sell. Alot of clicking back and forward through Buy/sell menu
Does not really work fast if u have 100 of “not” stackable items to load to AH, as transmorp gear and such.
Some find it bad u cant see sellers name or where they from(server)
The Bookmark favourite feature is very far from optimal.
Traders with multible trade chr across realms has no option to store information on there chr across realms.
New AH cant compete with Addons in needed overview on AH.
Bookmark system should work as in a browser and not just link to a single chr.
Multible shopping list fore crafters/raiders and other specialized chr. are mixed in the bookmark system and will offer no choice but addon.
The New AH does not helping trade across realms which is needed to get supply to lower populatet realms which is strongly important to not shutdown there AHs
The same price as cheapest is out of Lore content. In a Bazaar/market normally u should undercut or u should get ur stuff behind the que… Or the fish will rot in the stands :smiley:

Plz comment/ discuss and write stuff to consider put on the list. Remember we are very different users on AH

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