New Casual raiding/M+ guild

Hello everyone,

I’m here to see if there is any interest in my guild idea, and if there is, I will create the guild with the people who want to join. It’s not an existing guild, so I know there may not be a lot of interest yet, but I want to try to make this a reality.

The idea is for a guild that is casual in raiding, but the goal is still to get AOTC and KSM every season. However, the way the guild will be set up, it might take some time to reach that goal.

So here are the plans:
One day per week raiding, with the day decided once we have people who want to join. We will start in Normal and progress to Heroic once Normal is completed. Blind progression of the raids—no need to watch videos in advance or look up information. No need for enchants, potions, and food buffs, at least not until we decide we really need them to achieve AOTC. We will not require any meta specs to be played, so you can play whatever you want. We will try to get BL and CR, but as so many classes have those now, I don’t see a problem. You are allowed to use whatever you want, but we don’t require it. For looting, everyone is allowed to roll on an item if they need it for power; if you want the transmog, roll greed.

For dungeons, nothing is required; we’ll just blast through them with the guild and make M+ events for everyone.

So, if you think guilds now require too much that you think is unnecessary for the stated goals, and you have an interest in joining the guild, leave a message below, and we will get in contact and see how we will make this guild. I want at least 4-5 other people to be interested before making the guild and building it. We have a bit of time before TWW launches, so let me know!

You might have noticed that the guild does not have a name or a realm, and that is because it will be decided with the first few members. With the launch of pre-patch, guilds will be cross-realm, so a realm is not that important anymore. However, I play on Silvermoon (Alliance) and Tarren Mill (Horde). The guild will be cross-faction as well.

(update) At this moment we have multiple people interested in the guild. I’m setting up the discord as we speak, So we are getting closer to become real.

My Discord is: dwolf.
My Battletag is: Dwolf#21442

Feel free to contact me if you have more ideas or want to join in making this guild a reality!

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I have now updated the above as we have had multiple people show interest in joining. We won’t raid on Friday or Saturday.