New char here?

Was wondering how is the balance and server population here? I’m thinking of making a char here, alliance, but would like a somewhat mature set of players and a lot of them so grouping won’t be too hard. Would really appreciate it if someone has any info.

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Hi Dida, welcome to Pyrewood Village :clinking_glasses:

I see plenty of dungeon runs / quest groups happening across Azeroth on this server. The player base is, I am guessing, much like on the other servers; you have the mature set of players and those less mature. I am not entirely sure, if there´s more of one type than another though, sorry.
Perhaps it also varies, which type of player segment a PvE server attracts compared with a PvP or a RP server? It´s hard to tell :slight_smile:

Sadly the realm forums might not be the best place to get an idea of a server anymore - most activity seem to take place on the various Discord servers.

Here is the link to the Pyrewood Village Alliance Community Discord Server I know.

I hear a good portion of “There are no 5 man dungeon runs taking place anymore, everyone raids, and I cannot find groups to anywhere at all anymore below level 60.”, but that has not been the case for me at least.

I wish you luck ahead, and I hope you find a nice server to settle down on :four_leaf_clover:


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