New city in Darkshores

(Призраклеса) #1

Rumors are saying that in 8.2.5 we will have a new Warfront in Barrens. That means that all scourge forces have retreated to the main citadel, to give final battle.
In that case Night Elves have freed their lands from plague.

And it’s time to think where to build a new capital city.

  1. Darkshores as a land is in ruins.
  2. Capital city must be build near the ocean.
  3. At the beginning capital city must be small but well defended.

I was flying there, searching for the right place. And thats IT !
On the border between Ashenvale forest and Darkshores there’s a big ruins in mountains. City with mountains deffences + ocean is near. Best place!

From that point forces will be able to come fast in any point of Ashenvale or Darkshores. Both Night Elves territories that’s are left in this world will be well secured.


Forsaken. Not scourge. You don’t have to like them, but at least use the right titles :wink:

(Leíá) #3

With any and all due respect, any changes like this will likely happen in the next expansion.

We have no datamined information regarding any new large cities at the moment. We do have a Darkshore Alliance Victory cutscene that hasn’t been released, but we’ve got to think logically here. The moment Darkshore is won, by either side, a city isn’t going to be made a day later. It will take time.


No. Scourge. There’s even an officer in the Forsaken army who wears a Scourge tabard in BfA.


I’m Horde through and through and even I agree that it’s become more like the Scourge. Digging up heroes in Kul’Tiras to raise them as tools of war and then discard (among PLENTY other examples) kinda sealed that deal.

Back on topic - yes, the Nelves need a new city. I’d love to see them get some new architecture too. They’ve had the same 3-4 buildings in their villages since vanilla.

And they could use some restored lands. That eyesore of a volcano in Ashenvale needs to go for a start.

I guess I’m hoping for another Cata revamp for all the races really. A good one this time.


Agreed that the NE’s need a capital but the rate the old world is updated we’ll have to wait a couple of expansions if ever.

Hell, we don’t even know lore wise if the NE’s pushed back the horde. All we have atm for a story line is unending combat in dark shore. I doubt we’ll see any quest or lore development in that area. Same for Arathi highlands, we have a warfront there but no follow up quest lines or story to say who won and what is happening to the zone.

It’s just lazy writing, which sums up BFA to a tee. Lazy.

(Zahir) #7

If the damage to the hyjal was cured, I think it would be the ideal place:

  • Centrally between the night elf areas around
  • Good to defend
  • Powerful spirits for support
  • The domain of nature undoubtedly dominates there.
  • Ruin of a city already existing and the possibility exists for reconstruction.

(Призраклеса) #8

I agree about well defended place, and spiritual rising for NE. In fact that was their old capital city, in Moonglade (same mountains). I know many people saying that Hyjal is neutral, but Saurfang in “Good War” was calling Hyjal as Night Elves territory, and was thinking to assault it.

But it’s to far from the sea. Darnassus was “Shipyard” in Calimdore for the Alliance. It will be hard for Night Elves to send help to the rest of the World.

But from other side. Night Elves civilians need food. Darkshores is damaged, while in Hyjal forest was restored by druids spell. So it’s Ashenvale or Hyjal, the only forests were civilians could get food for a new city.

(Elyssarain) #10

Something Something Something. 3 WoW tokens on the bet that the Night elves don’t get a new capital city to replace Darnassus. (Within 5 yrs anyway) Anyone want to take that bet?

Given the current level of contempt the devs have demonstrated towards the lore (esp Kaldorei lore) and centralisation of factions, I do not fancy your odds.

(Призраклеса) #11

I know that Blizzard hate Night Elves, but they love Forsakens and Balance. So they will give Forsakens a new Capital City, and just for sake of Balance they will add also Night Elves new city.

But, there was one spoiler which is possible a fake, that states that Night Elves new Capital will be in Feralas:

“New heritage armor - Night Elf (they will be retaking Eldre’thalas as their new capital) & Trolls (Dealing with the Spirit of Voljin and election of Rokhan as new leader)”

(Leíá) #12

Well, you see - different rumours and we must take these with a grain of salt.

I heard that Night Elves, Forsaken, Humans and Orcs will NOT be getting heritage armour in the immediate future, due to the Darkshore and Arathi Warfront, but also for the two latter races, the gear that you can obtain from your Garrison in WoD.


Nah I think any new Night Elf capital should be built around a healed Mount Hyjal, continuing to conduct their resistance against the Hordes domination of Kalimdor with the help of the Furbolg and their tunnels which now connect Hyjal, Moonglade, Winterspring, Azshara and Felwood. Darkshore should remain as a completely ruined land where the Horde has successfully stomped out the last vestiges of whatever the Alliance had there and are now cutting it down.


though it does look like the night elfs won in darkshore, meening the horde got pushed out, not in game yet, but everything indicates that is what happend.

(Malaficus) #15

When it comes to world of warcraft blizzard is only good at destroying.
Because building cost time and money and that comes out of the golden swiming pool funds.

On a more serious note:
Blizzard created this wonderful world and has been slowly destroying it ever since.
I love the night elves.
I want them to become a power house again.
But i sooner believe that the horde get dismateled then that the night elves will every be given anything by blizzard other then yet an other slap in the face.
Is there any race on alliance or horde who get hurt so much as the night elves?
You wont get a new city.
That would require blizzard to accauly care for anything else then raiding and with the current staff…

(Kaisena) #16

I think the Night Elves could make a new city in Feralas, more exactly in Feathermoon Stronghold.

The area is beautiful and it would fit the night elves quite well.

(Leíá) #17

Well Feathermoon is simply that on the end of it, a “Stronghold.” It’s a fort.

Truthfully, it isn’t suitable for the displaced Kaldorei Citizens we see in Stormwind. What needs to happen is either Darkshore is restored and the Ruins of Mathystra and Ameth’Aran, and the former becomes the new capital, or Eldre’Thalas, Isildien and Darkmist are all retaken.

The big thing that Feralas has, going for it, is a direct portal to the Emerald Dream.
And if we think about this logically, if reclaiming much of Feralas is on the agenda, then Feathermoon isn’t truly needed for the purpose of being the Kaldorei Capital.
The Highborne will have their clear focus, likely along with Vestia Moonspear and her students, will focus on reclaiming Eldre’Thalas anyway.

(Kaisena) #18

Would a fully restored Dire Maul be out of the question ?

(Leíá) #19

Of course not.

The Highborne would seemingly seek to retake it, along with Vestia Moonspear and her students as well as the Sentinels most likely, and Eldre’Thalas would just be the main city. Just in case you don’t know this, but you should know it as it’s been in the lore for the past 15 years. Dire Maul = Eldre’Thalas and/or vise versa.

A small stronghold can’t qualify as a “main city” for any race.

Otherwise, we might as well say that Shal’Aran, Sentinel Hill and Tranqullien would qualify as suitable locations if their respective capitals fell.


If blizzard fix nelfs, there should be fix for forsakens too. This looks more complicated than just nelfs.

(Leíá) #21

Well, the Forsaken have a few options that can still be within Lordaeron:

Silverpine Forest as a whole and Gilneus.

The Night Elves, it’s more complex. The only true city that they’ve got left, which is in ruins, but can be built anew, is Eldre’Thalas, but that’s a distance away from Ashenvale, Darkshore, Hyjal and Moonglade.

Darkshore has the Mathystra Ruins, Ameth’Aran and Bashal’Aran. The former could be rebuilt into their capital city, but it’s in ruins right from the point of entry to the point you go up the hill to where the Shatterspear Trolls used to live.