New city in Darkshores

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Can you imagine the rage if Forsaken got Gilneas as their new city though ?


I can. Very well actually. Even picture the posts that it might generate. But it’s still wrong.


From the Forsaken players? Nah, it must be quite an improvement from that ugly sewer. From the Worgen players? But why, they should be used to Blizzard ignoring them.

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Kick in the nuts for the Forsaken having lost their city and maybe Sylvanas as well.

The night elves lost their city but at least they still have their important characters.

I think blizz won’t even bother though.They will just use undercity and darnassus in their phased form.


Because Alliance just serve to develop the Horde lore. That’s all.


Inb4 I lead the Horde to defeat the Alliance via other means than war.


Ah, stop it Prizrak )))

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