New Classic Forums Added!

Wooooo! Thanks for the update.

Thanks for bringing the Classic Connections to the EU forums as well!

Also, shameless vanillafriends (.com) promotion! Go sign up on that website in case you missed it!

Good call, fixed that now. Thanks!

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No worries! Thanks for putting it together.

Still with the BfA Azshara background on the top.
We don’t want that. You think we do, but we don’t.

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When will we get name reservation times and server names for EU?

Please give us server/realm forums (split into Alliance and Horde) and class forums for the WoW Classic section.

They were an important part of vanilla WoW’s community aspects and despite the availability of unofficial discord servers, having an official forum accessible to all seems like a necessity to me.

Сlass subforum is a mandatory, i think :slight_smile:

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Very good!
But it’s highly appreciated if added additional.

  • Class Sections
  • Realm Sections
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Nice, well done!

Why is there no Frostwolf Server Thread?

US have a customer support section as well, might be a good idea to have that here too to keep bug reports etc. separate. They also have a fancy unique symbol for the category, gief shiny! :stuck_out_tongue:

Because Frostwolf is a DE realm so it has a thread on the DE forums:

We need realm forums!

Thanks for shiny symbol, now we just need the CS entry, having it will make your job easier as well… :wink:
Realm forums might show up once the realm names are released, but it would indeed be nice to have both that an class forums.

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Monday, 22 server time

should be “later this week”. Probably before the stress test.

I couldn’t find the ream in this list where I was playing. The “AUCHINDOUN” is not there.

The tool seems to be for Vanilla servers only, 2004-2006. Auchindoun, as the name suggests, is a TBC-era realm, hope this clarifies.

Oh, sorry then. I was sure that I was playing on this realm since “Origins” :slight_smile: Thanks.

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