New cool PVP 10.1 talents with latest PTR build

Here are the best ones:

  • [Ethereal Blink] Blink and Shimmer apply Slow at 100% effectiveness to all enemies you Blink through. For each enemy you Blink through, the cooldown of Blink and Shimmer are reduced by 1 sec, up to 5 sec. PvP Talent. PvP Talent. Requires Mage. Requires level 10.

  • [Master Shepherd] While an enemy player is affected by your Polymorph or Mass Polymorph, your movement speed is increased by 25% and your Versatility is increased by 6%. Additionally, Polymorph and Mass Polymorph no longer heal enemies. PvP Talent. PvP Talent. Requires Mage. Requires level 10.

  • Spellwarden has been redesigned – Reduces the cooldown of Anti-Magic Shell by 10 seconds but reduces its duration by 50%. Anti-Magic Shell is now usable on allies.

  • New PvP Talent: Bloodforged Armor – Death Strike reduces Physical damage taken by 20% for 3 seconds.

Mage gets “no heal on poly” and DK gets physical damage defense after so many years!

Also DK will have skill plays to throw AMS on healer to prevent fears traps and such

They are really trying to shake things up

Useless garbage, what is anyone gonna do with 2 seconds ams, meanwhile ret can litteraly remove cc on someone with all cc having reduced duration.

The physical dmg talent is pretty neat though.

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Pvp talent slot ha ha

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On my DK it is 7sec, so I would suppose with the PVP talent it is going to be 3.5sec duration

Hunter stuns your healer (will be 3sec intimidation in 10.1) → AMS the healer for the full duration of the stun plus some more, giving them time to avoid the trap

Priest is running towards your healer → AMS and give them 3.5 sec to run away and avoid the fear

Ret about to HoJ your partner → AMS them as the ret is closing in

IMO will have outplay potential.

How you find the PVP slot for that, however, is a different story…

Edit: The ret dispel talent will FOR SURE be removed in 10.1 There is just no way that it stays. I’m surprised they haven’t addressed it already. You can’t have a rotational ability that dispels devouring plague, flame shock, poisons, DK diseases, that’s just too much. This talent still remaining is an oversight.

you grip stun or slow, wasting 1 pvp talent slot and 1 normal tree ams talent slot is not worth it, especially when we have far better options.

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ye quite tragic.

i think the dk pvp talents are quite cool. Not a fan of the mage one where poly doesnt heal back up. I can imagine alot of broken stuff doing with that


so Mage will poly you into a burst and then back into a poly

yeh thats not gonna be OP …

nice one blizz

  • i can see it now, poly blind being the meta

AMS talent looks tragic, i am not sure if ppl realize that but that spell was historically was a good tool against magic damage, not only immunity. With that PvP talent you clearly use it just for immunity part, since 2.5 sec duration is really low for absorb side imo. You don’t even get to use AMS talent on class side of tree this days. Maybe it will good, time will tell.

In paper all seem great. The reality will be that you say aryash. Also I don’t like the Idea to be like ret. I wanna see the new meme zombie talent :slight_smile:

Make it 8-10 seconds and it could be worth it.

Yeah, mages definitely need that. Frost Mage isn’t already broken enough and they haven’t forgotten to reduce dragon’s breath and nova duration on purpose.

Seriously, they couldn’t make it more obvious how much they favorite mage and rogue.

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like always throwing darts at a board and see what will stick till 11.0

most classes are already forced into 3 pvp talents otherwise the spec is not even playable. no matter what you add that is not completely broken, cannot be taken by most classes anyways


No way in hell this is real?

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oh its real and its hilliarous

imagine a ring of frost into a poly that doesnt heal
into a dragon breath ,

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Im also concerned with a mage just spamming polymorph on a target to interrupt actions while someone else just pummels it.

it needs a cooldown attached to this pvp talent, like 30seconds or something

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I think you’re not going to take it into matchups with teams that deal magic damage but get extra utilty against teams like Jungle that mostly deal physical dmg.

Was probably Venruki’s idea. Poly just needs a cooldown of 20 seconds if that talent goes live.

Runspeed and Versa is already strong enough, but not healing the target anymore? Did they really think about what that will result in?


I think they’re trying to incentivize mages to use poly more, as they are currently playing the “damage game” and almost don’t go for polies

Whether that’s the right way, is a different matter :smiley:

Reason what ive seen mostly in terms of why not using poly currently, is due to rets JOTP which is changing wednesday. You will most likely see more polys by then.