New essences for warlock

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And how to obtain them:

The infernal one for destro will be insane. Another candidate for being broken is the Blood of the Enemy essence… so much stacking with Chaos Bolt.

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i’m trying “vision of perfection” in PTR, this is absolutely fantastic… now is a little buggy (infernal proc when land die istant and no give shard regeneration, only give bonus from azerite trait and grimoire of supremacy), the CD of infernal become very low… Every proc CD time is reduced by 20 seconds (now you have at least 2 infernal proc during the 2.5 minute CD), and almost 30 seconds from the passive bonus…

Now is very very OP, will be fix, maybe an internal CD…

I hope the infernal can stun for 1.5 sec, generating 0.25 shard every 0.5 sec

For me is the best essence for destruction, ATM, to go for PVP and PVE

I have try “lucid Dream” passive bonus, in lucky situation is possibile to land 4 chaos bolt in a row :heart_eyes:

Blood of enemy is very good for the passive bonus, but for me is bugged the active bonus.

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