New Guild Built Around Working People


So couple of us decided on trying to set out for a guild but in all honesty with server restrictions we are aiming at the community first, then the guild will come into play later down the line if people want that, but we have now decided on settling on Ravencrest which brings me here. So
We are a group of mature, laid back, friendly players, some of us have been in progression guilds in the past and are now just wanting to clear content without the rigorous commitment and demands most progression guilds expect. We do like our raiders to commit to our raid schedule and we are committed to clearing content and achieving AOTC for each raid tier, but we understand that real life happens and must take precedence over raiding.

We also plan to run and fit in mythic plus, visions, islands and there are some that run old content for achieves and mounts.

The plan is to start in normal and then move to HC at a natural pace, If we can manage HC then we would like the opportunity to delve into Mythic still inside the raid days and times.

Raid Schedule

Friday 9:00pm – 11:30pm

Saturday 9:00pm -11:30pm

Sunday optional 9:00pm - 11:30pm

As the community Increases we will be looking at specific m+ nights to make sure everyone has a key done for the weekly, and an alt nights for alts and socials.
Like i say the guild might come later just depending on where we go for that server wise.

We also have a community set up for anyone thinking of joining prior to moving server.

Contact Jiaz#2450 Alti#2542

Ok so an update this is going really well so far it’s great you all found us if theres any more ranged players out there please reach out to us if this fits what your searching for

Guild is doing well coming together nicely ideally we would like to recruit some ranged players out there. Social players are always welcome what ever class you play

We are still looking to recruit all you working class players out there all though given current pandemic not everyone is, Please get in touch :slight_smile:

We are now 12/12 normal and will starting hc

I’ll contact you in-game later today. Just putting a comment up on here to make a actual note for myself.

Just came back to the game, and have been thinking about joining a guild lately, and you guys sounds like a gang I could get along with.

Great stuff mate have you applied in game?

Add me on bnet or my co gm we can catch up with you