New Guild Pragmatic

Guild Name: Pragmatic
Server: EU- Tarren Mill
Focus: Raiding & Mythic Plus & Community

With Pre-patch been released on the 24th and the release date for the war within 26/8

All role available

Newly formed Guild on Tarren Mill, Were not only looking to build a strong Raid team but also strong Social/Community along with Mythic Plus players and casual players

What we’re looking for
Adults, we’re a strictly 18+
Raiders - Social - Mythic Plus players

We’re a group of like minded players, who enjoy a bit of banter among ourselves whilst we play. We value building a sociable and helpful environment
Everyone of all experiences and skills are welcome as we will run a wide range of content!

Mythic Plus

The goal is to have people running keys all the time from low to High.
for vault or pushing Rio


The goal for the raid is too build a strong team between now and the release of War Within and to gain AOTC and push into Mythic progress
We also understand that people have other commitments due to IRL

What we expect from you:
You are a team player
You have a progression based mindset
You are a quick learner and always turn up prepared
You are self motivated

What you can expect from us:
Relaxed, fun, but constructive raid environment that is focused during progression
Raiders will never feel pressured to agree to extra raid time to pull bosses, as we have a strict 3-hour schedule
Constant constructive feedback inside and outside of raids in order to help progression
strong M+ culture within the guild

Raiding schedule:
Sunday & Tuesday

We are looking for Experienced players for next season, comfortable with their chosen class, spec and role. We are also looking for some people with the ability to perform in a flex role.
We do not require people to realm transfer in season 4


in-game - Libbith-Tarren Mill
Discord - TheLib
B/Net - TheLib#1657

in-game - Nirel-Tarren Mill
Discord - next2809
B/net - Effúse#2557

looking for new and returning players

looking for new and returning players