New keyboard, what are you guys rocking?

Greetings fellow gamers, i’m wondering what keyboards you guys are playing on.
My Logitech G19 is still going strong, but the LCD screen is sadly enough not supported any more by most of the games and apps :frowning:

Sadly enough i can’t seem to find a worthy replacement, not a single one has this feature of an lcd screen, 12x3 macro keys, heck some even don’t have an arm rest!
Are mechanical keys worth all the losses above?

Ps: i’m not a fan of magical unicorn puke on my desk (RGB)

Logitech G910, don’t use the macro keys and there’s no LCD screen.
Overpriced too.

My suggestion is, don’t buy the G910.

I have the Corsair K70 but honestly I don’t think you should upgrade or buy another keyboard if your keyboard is still working. A stupid LCD on your keyboard is so pointless and unimportant. I think it’d be pretty dumb to get another keyboard just cause the LCD that you never look at doesn’t work. Just keep using it and save your money.

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