New Legendary Cloak and Corrupted Gear Preview

Face N’Zoth equipped with a powerful new legendary cloak and gear tainted with Corruption.



I’m getting excited already. /s

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I am really curious about the party size scaling for Horrific Visions - will it be a lot harder to do solo than with friends?

You still dont allow 10 man raiding on an equal basis with the 20man raids. Fix that. That was the best part about MoP.

Wrong thread, maybe make one?

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Oh wow. Here comes my Cloak ;3

“You can acquire one Malefic Core per week across all sources, including defeating N’Zoth in Ny’alotha on Normal, Heroic, or Mythic difficulty or by completing all objectives within a Horrific Vision”

I assume this means one Core per activity? So, doing the heroic raid and killing all bosses in the vision will give 3 per week?

They don’t care, I’m venting.

Clearly you can get 1! core per week max, not 2, not 3, not 4.

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It is 1 in total. It is really good. You can do it solo, you can do it in party and you can do it in raid.

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The idea is to give people a choice of activities or difficulties of raids to go and get their one a week from :wink:

Sounds too complex for me…

I am sorry, blues… I am so sorry… I feel too old for this … .


Think you’re not the only one, i totally dislike the corruption bullsh*t… Which means you need to grind dungeons? You need to be on time, to not let corruption overflow…

A lesson for the blue’s AND Blizzard. Don’t EVER do missions or other stuff on timers, because it TOTALLY ruins the gameplay. Same goes for “timing event” stuff that you need to press a button on the right time… Which still happens in the new Tomb Raider games for example…

I’m not sure anymore about my subscription if i want to continue playing this game anymore, i only log in 2 a 3 weeks a time for maybe lesser than 5 minutes, and i log off to be bored on the internet…

Even when i want to join a LFR or LFD i get messages of 30 a 50 minutes waiting time tho i’m on a full server… Which got me logging off again to bore myself and hang around doing nothing, maybe i’m getting depressive or just an old f*ck going to 36 soon…


its one huge “f…ck you healers sincerly blizz” patch :slight_smile:

cant wait to see this fiasco unfolds once 99% healers swap specs / unsubs because people will run everywhere with 100+ corruption and blame healers for not healting through it.


Oooof… :tired_face: i cant decide if i shall go dps in 8.3 or swap to another healer. I have enough troubles as it is, dont need more :laughing:


I’m with you here in my 40’s now and hate all the chopping and changing :frowning:


yay, another item to grind levels for…and more “cores”…

so again haven’t learned anything from the stupid amulet?


To me it sounds like this: since everyone so much loves grinding AP levels, we now get second grind for cloak levels. AP grind ofc stays too and we apparently also have to grind essences to fight against corruption levels. Hmm and yeah new gear kills us if we don’t grind. :thinking: Something like this.