New Mount: Lucky Yun!

New Mount: Lucky Yun!

Get this magnificent mount from the Blizzard Shop or with a purchase of a 6-Month Subscription!

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It’s a bit too yellow for my liking, last years rat was awesome, super cute.


More animals, that should be flying, flying? Well, I don’t mind.

If I buy this can you balance pvp?


I’ll be honest, it’s ugly. Where is the theme even from?

It pales in comparison to the Blizzcon bear.

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nice to not see a horse reskin but the wings look really odd on that

This one is pretty ugly to be honest.

I’d rather get the Bear mount. But can’t buy that on it’s own. I spoke to a GM today who confirmed it will only be available as part of an overpriced package. Don’t want it that much.


more chinese new year stuff thats unrelated to wow


I can’t shake the feeling the eyes are in the wrong place :neutral_face:


im very sorry but for some reason it reminds me of the brazen torture bull. :sweat_smile:


I guess you could call it a ‘cash cow?’


Holy flying cow, Batman!

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I mean, kudos to the artist who got this task. I would personally be somewhat bewildered if my boss told me to make a flying ox mount with a mystical Asian vibe.

I can’t say it’s my thing… Those zodiac animals aren’t all the coolest ones around, to be honest. Rabbit, tiger, and dragon? Sure, give 'em to me. You can imagine cool mounts from those. But an ox? Eh…

The Indian people who play WoW are probably going crazy now though. Coolest thing they’ve ever seen. :yum:

Ironic lol being made of gold, makes it look so cheap and tacky.

I’d rather have the Rat or the Pig.

edit - LOL check out the girls face riding the mount, even she knows :sweat_smile:

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The rat and the oinker suit those tiny wings. An ox? Not so much.

It’s the chinese new year of the ox. That’s where it’s from. Or hadn’t you noticed that every year blizz releases a mount this time of year that’s the animal corresponding to the chinese new year?


Its because this year is the Chinese year of the Ox.

Two mounts in two days nice. I’ll get this automatically as I have a rolling six month sub. Assume it will be there in the morning like the others were. Prefer the mouse though.

I expect the dragon mount in 2024 to be ground only.