New PC: video hardware to avoid?


Hai folks.

I’m trying to set up a new PC, and I’m looking for advice on what not to buy, in terms of video boards.

I’ve read reports, over time, that some boards have problems with WoW. I’d like to know if anyone has had any such problems, or knows of such problems?


Anything above Intel HD honestly should be fine. Just make sure it supports DirectX 11. But I would avoid hot and heavy cards like higher end AMD cards.


So nothing’s been giving problems (ie, bugs, incompatabilities) of late?

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Sometimes drivers bug out. Sometimes some people have some issues. Sometimes it is Nvidia, sometimes it is AMD. Pick whatever you prefer and what fits your budget and performance requirements.


Depends on your budget the screen res you want to game at ect…

For me I would stay away from the high end GPU’s unless you are gaming @4k or don’t care about the price then the gtx2080ti or gtx2080 or a 2070 anything below that TBH I would stick with AMD would avoid the Vega Vii price is just stupid on that card but there are some amazing deals on the Vega56/64 and the 590 and 580 at the minuet

if I was buying a new card now I would probably go for a Vega 56 it’s an amazing deal at that price for £300 and you get 3 free games with it Division 2, Devil May Cry5 and Resident Evil 2

it wont let me post links but if you go to Overclockers UK under GPU tab then AMD then Vega 56 Sapphire Pulse

If you cant afford that then you can get the RX590 for around £240 with all the same games as the Vega or the rx580 for around £200 and you get to choose 2 of the games the 580 and 590 are both faster than a GTX1060


Thanks folks. I’m definetly not going for the top boards, will be looking for one with 2GB RAM.

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That sounds bit low for a new card. What card are you looking for exactly? Many 2 GB cards are not really meant for gaming so performance on them can be pretty low.


Minimum you want to be looking at is 4gb Vram 2gb is really to low for a GPU now the RX570 or gtx1050ti is the minimum I would be looking at if you are on a really tight budget then the rx560.


Tbh, I have not even began to see models and costs. I figure I’d first enquire about problems, before seeing models. I was afraid of picking model XX and then someone saying “oo that model sucks, WoW can’t work with it”. Happened before…