New Player LF Guild



I’m fairly new to WoW and looking for a mature all-round type of guild, so really I’m down for anything end game, pvp, pve etc I would like to try it all :slight_smile:

I’ve just created a Priest on Burning Blade server.



Hey! who cares is a small guild on Hellfire already home to some new, newish and returning players alongside a couple of helpful old-timers that could be worth a look for you!

As well as levelling mains, we have a bunch we’re solely running through dungeons when we’re in the mood, so our newer guys will get to experience them all! They’re about lvl30 now, but anyone who wants to can soon catch us up (we’ll help) and join in! We don’t care how long it takes to level these, we’re just enjoying ourselves as-and-when :slight_smile:

Once we’re all 120, we plan to start current content, as everybody should have plenty of experience by then :smiley: Once we’re used to playing together, and people have decided on classes, we’ll be looking at PvP too!

We have (and use) Discord for voice comms, and are trying to compile some helpful tips/tricks for new players there as we come across them (those ‘I wish I’d known that sooner!’ things!). We still text in guild chat or our battletag group a lot too, though, as voice isn’t everyone’s Thing.

If this sounds like somewhere you might like to hang out, feel free to add my btag - mumm#2233 - and have a chat :slight_smile:

(This is a bit of a sensible post for me but it’s 4.30am and I’m shattered from powerlevelling a void elf half the day lol)


Sounds perfect!

4.30am is a shift lol! I’ve sent you a friends request :slight_smile: - Chat soon!