New player looking for a Guild


Hey everyone!
I am a fairly new player who is looking for a fun and casual guild.
My character still needs to level but I have a boost ready once I go on the right server with you.
I’d love to do dungeons and ofcourse eventually Raids once I reach the appropriate item level.


If you’re interested in a little more casual Raiding,
We are Same old Bull of Twisting Nether, run Raids on wednesday and sunday’s 21:00 - 00:00 server. We use discord to communicate we are currently 5/9 Heroic and running Off day Normal to gear members,
What makes us unique is we offer free 110-120 boosting for members and we’ve got a good cumminty of players behind the guild.

If you’re interested in us let me know draftrabbit#2587


Hi Bigbottoms! Our active, chilled out guild on Magtheridon server (horde side) could be a good fit for you! :blush:

We raid normal for people to learn raiding or play alts in a laid back, friendly environment. We also raid heroic for those interested in it!
We run lots of dungeons together and have plenty of people happy to explain tactics and be patient. We also have regular social events in the guild for various things like achievements or mount/pet runs etc.

We currently have a great mix of new players, returning players and long term veterans of the game.

If you’d like more info I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have on Discord (Tea003#8087) or on BNet (Tea003#2501)! :grin:


Hey Bigbottoms,

We are a reasonably new and small growing guild, with most of us still leveling and gearing just like you, we are working towards eventually raiding once reaching the appropriate item level too, but before then we do our best to do dungeons together.
We are located on Argent Dawn