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so i have lot of questions about wow and i want to meet someone who can explain few things about this game (im from poland but i understand english)

I’m sorry I missed your post earlier.

While I do pop into the game to meet with new players to clarify some things, like how to do certain things, I find it better to get at least the largest points settled first, since typing answers in game tends to limit what can be explained.

Could you list your main questions here? I’ll be happy to answer if I can, and meet you in-game if we need to clear up any details that don’t work on the forums.

I also commend the sites for all about how to play your class and spec - at level 60, so some if it won’t apply to you yet, and for all about quests, items, guides.

I bookmarked this video a while ago.

It was made Just before the introduction of Chromie Time, where you can choose an expansion to level in, so it doesn’t cover that, but everything else is very well done.

At 2 and a half hours, it’s an epic, but it is segmented into 38 parts, so you can jump quickly to the areas of interest:

  1. Video Start- 0:00
  2. free trial, purchasing the game, rfa & expansions- 1:31
  3. microtransactions- 4:35
  4. realm system- 6:21
  5. character creation, factions & max level- 7:26
  6. races- 10:28
  7. classes & specializations- 19:27
  8. User Interface- 34:48
  9. Addons- 52:31
  10. inventory & banking - 53:43
  11. titles & reputation- 55:41
  12. keybinding & movement- 59:08
  13. macros- 1:04:52
  14. guilds & communities- 1:08:04
  15. gearing, stats, item level, durability & rarity- 1:11:56
  16. interacting with the world- 1:22:27
  17. combat & tab targeting- 1:25:13
  18. the holy trinity (roles)- 1:32:24
  19. specialization & talents- 1:34:29
  20. aggro/threat- 1:38:44
  21. Rotation- 1:44:11
  22. enemies & rarity- 1:47:28
  23. healing- 1:50:00
  24. quests & leveling up- 1:51:54
  25. dungeons & raids- 1:54:31
  26. setting instance difficulty & instance locking- 1:59:16
  27. player vs player- 2:00:53
  28. professions- 2:04:07
  29. pet battles- 2:07:28
  30. auction house- 2:09:09
  31. mounts- 2:10:35
  32. transmog- 2:13:16
  33. website resources- 2:15:17
  34. Group types- 2:19:26
  35. Flight Paths & Hearthstone- 2:20:55
  36. CC & Diminishing returns- 2:23:22
  37. Misc (faction cities, rested exp, mail, binding, death)- 2:26:33
  38. closing remarks- 2:32:29

When listening to certain segments, I do feel like saying “But what about …?” but of course in such a whirlwind tour he has to stay at a very high level. It may be a very long video, but considering how much there is in WoW, it’s a very sgort introduction! If you want to find out more about a subject, you will find more detail about it on YouTube, on, on or other common sites, or ask here!


Also - if you have spesific questions, add them here and we’ll do our best to explain :slight_smile:

Welcome to Azeroth and hope you have fun!

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Jeżeli masz pytania śmiało. Postaram się pomóc! Odezwij się do mnie w grze podam Ci wszystkie informacje jakich potrzebujesz na temat obecnej gry. Pozdrawiam :slight_smile:

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a jakiś discord może?

Typowo do mnie to Althin#5556

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