New PvP Community <Fat Old Boomers>

Hello fellow PvP Boomers. We created a community for working men and women that can only play late in the evenings without any engagements and time restrictions. We want to be able to gather up a group and play whenever we want and not be forced to come in a set designated time. Our requirements are 205 ilvl + and preferably 1.5cr + experience is not an issue. No PvP Stars, No PvP Gods, No Spoiled Little B…ts!!! We want a clean and calm environment. We are all grown ups with work and families behind us and we won’t tolerate bad behavior or toxicity. For more information whisper me or add me on the big bad
battleswag : Kondarev@2164

Hope to see many of your around!


Im gen X :slight_smile: Have been looking for something like this so yes very interested.
Sent you friend request (Borec#2166)

Come on “Fat Old Boomers” don’t be shy to join your PvP dream community!!!

old and fat bold and kids dont leave me alone

wat heppen to me

i got merry then kids my body start turn worst wife dont help yiks

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Update! We got our mele team stacked and we only search for a tank and casters/healers spots in the community are almost gone!!!

Hey Kondarev!

I’m very interrested in joining the RBG team/community.

I play Veng. DH and have good EXP. As a tank.

Atm. I’m 1720 CR (On my Way to 1800) and got 29% vers but you can always look my character up :wink:

I’m very vocal, can help leading, target Call and so on.

I will try to reach you in game!

Ok i am waiting to hear from you :slight_smile: in the mean time LFM Casters/Healers!!!

Got any arena teams going? Boomer lf arena friends

Hey, working gamer here as well. Just sent you a friend request (Warlock ilvl 207, 1467 CR) - Vladicek#21511
Interested mainly in RBGs.

Atm we focus at Rated battlegrounds but arena teams are easy to happen and it is a PvP community. No one will be forcing you to go in RBG/Arena if you don t want. We Still look for Proper Healers , Casters and PvP Tanks. Mele rooster is full but we will consider any good played with cool attitude to join!!!

I dont have any RBG experience, but I had 2.1k exp in arenas, wotlk, cata & mop. I quit in WoD and didnt really come back until SL. All my chars are about ~200 ilvl.

Any specific casters you are looking for?

Hey, im down to push some rbgs!
I play SP, 30%vers at 1700+cr atm.
I added you, let me know when we can play!

We search for 1 Shadow Priest 1 Boomie 1 Mage and Priest healer atm for the main team.

Cool. I might transfer my SP or boomkin to alliance then :slight_smile:

If its alright with you guys that i have 0 experience in RBGs but I have almost every BG achievement in the game so I have played quite a few bgs over the years.

Guardian druid here. 25 percent resiliemce, 2.1 cr at 2vs2.225 ilvl

MSG me in the evenings for a talk fellas!!!

~1600 CR, 27% vers resto druid. Hit me up. :slight_smile: