New PvP talent essence - feedback

Gief the basilisk for pve instead of feign death, ty!

Havoc: Origin Demonic is pretty good, could complet in Mythic+ and a secondary choice to Vision of Perfection

Vengeance: Purified by the flame is good but probably too situational, Master of sigils should be better as better utility uptime or Demonic trample to help with kiting/add a little stun.

Unholy: Necrotic Strike is … litteraly a joke since it will did less damage than Scourge strike, and ennemy healing themself are too rare, Necrotic Aura or Anti-Magic Zone will be so much better, maybe Abomination but i’m afraid this choice will totaly make them broken when it come to multi target (with high wound uptime and DnD) .

Frost: Not so much choice, AMZ or Unholy aura should be against the gochoice in term of buff/utility

Arms: Sharpen blade will only increase Mortal strike damage and not for a good amount to be usefull in PvE, look more meh tier for this one, Master and Commander for utility or Storm of destruction for good AoE Damage will be far better.

I have been playing WoW Since 2008. Legion was the best for me.
This essence can solve alot of problems. But Please, as a warlock main. Give us interrupt as Demo, Havoc for destro. Balance as you wish. But Locks are super tanky why more Defensives sir?
Please, give us more than shields. That talent literraly decrease your damage output as aff.

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I really wanna know who’s bright idea it was to give Unholy Necrotic Strike instead of Necrotic Aura, and before someone goes off on how OP it is. It might actually bring some utility back to the spec because at this point it’s a hollow shell of what it once was.

There are rumors that the next affix will be a mob that heals everyone else, so maybe unholy and arms are getting good essences for m+

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this clearly made FOR PVP? The talent choices are actually genius for Arena/RBGS, it frees up a talent spot. This essence should honestly just be usable in PVP, it’s just going to cause arguments like this where people think the talent choices have to be rearranged for PVE only. Either that or just make the talent chooseable and problem is solved for both aspects.

Feral, boomkin and fire mage are completely busted whereas some other ones are completely useless.

Not sure at all.

People seem to forget that Conflit and Strife is a major essence, meaning it’ll steal the only additional active ability the HoA will provide, and render all the other essences useless.

If as a boomy I were to take moon aura I would bolster everyone else’s dps while allowing them to keep having their azerite essences. That is to say : these pvp essences are a big trap for those who provide party buffs through them.

You’re right on what you say about fire mages though.

Want another feedback ? Either flat out remove this essence because, as I just said above, it’s just a waste of the other essences when the ability it provides is overwhelmingly advantagous… or make it a separate essence, neither minor nor major.

For further variety I’d go for the latter option, but seeing as how our sweet devs have been into pruning of late… well I simply don’t see that happening.

But I’m calling it now : keep this thing as it is and it will turn out to be an utter failure.

Resto’s overgrowth is flat out useless in PvE, especially compared to the broad range of other essences.
Cats and boomies’ PvP essences are only good for other people, not themselves, and Guardian’s PvP essence is by far the best thanks to this :
Since most of guardians’ traits are pretty useless and boring, at least this one will become useful.

I realy do not understand.
This essence could fix some of the points a spec is hard missing.
Demo - Interrupt, still cannot understand why Demo is the only dps spec in the game without a interrupt. We have an extra stun? Remove it from the game and give interrupt.
Aff- I think the Feedback you are getting is enough, Like a dps nerf?
Destro- Bane of Havoc too strong? I do understand, but warlocks are proly the most tanky caster in the game. More Defensives?

Feral - Needs love, i would agree with that but their problem is much deeper than a raid buff. Increase their ST dmg.
Boomie - No coments here does not make any sense.
Resto - It will never be a tank healing. The only thing i see changing is on M+ where catweaving will be alot easier.
Also, i dont get why rogues get even more utility, are we going to run 1 tank 1 healer 3 rogues in m+ MDI? :smiley:
This shows alot of misscomunications between players and blizzard.

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Leader of the pack is a great addition, but giving it via essence is not so great for feral. we don’t want to be 15% below other dps cuz we can’t use blood of the enemy. This will make feral community perception even worse.

buff mage please

You have Earth Elemental for reaping, purge, shortest CD range interrupt, aoe stun, another interrupt if needed with Sundering. The only reason people don’t want you is lack of aoe damage for M+. About getting epic level of this essence - it’s not that difficult - everyone can get 1400 cr in the first week of the season. You just need to play and that’s it. If you can’t get through 1400 cr then you have no basic knowledge about the game and you suck in PvE anyway.

The thing is that to be able to play M+ you need certain things to be viable. To be able to play raids you need other things. These talents would give you choice. Good example - Demo Warlock - he can pick this essence for M+ and other for raids. You can change them easily for free. Unfortunately you can’t create spec that lacks interrupt and expect it to finish certain dungeons. The key is to create some specific utility but granting someone with basic spells necessary for the spec at the same time.

About Smoke Bomb - it’s good but… it’s not optimal. Assa and Sub lack aoe damage for M+ for example and that’s why they wouldn’t be considered competitive to Outlaw. Also spells like Tricks of Trade giving extra damage for tank would be great. Instead we get another thing that Rogue would get that makes him even better in M+ and more unique so this season playing M+ without Rogue would be huge disadvantage.

Also about warrior - warrior needs any utility as it doesn’t offer anything worth taking him (any spec besides Prot).

Except extra PvP talent is minor effect. Major effect doubles your Versa damage reduction while you are stunned mate…

“In today’s PTR build, the Essence which allows you to use a PvP Talent in PvE content has been revealed. This Essence, known as Conflict and Strife, has a Major Power which allows you to use a predetermined PvP Talent at all times, similar to the Soul of the X Legendary rings from Legion.”

You almost hyped me… /Cry
However yesterday’s blue said it was meant to be more of a 4th PvP talent than anything related to PvE, which to be honest is quite confusing since the essence is supposed to allow the use of a PvP talent in PvE…

The primary goal of the essence is to provide an interesting choice in PvP by giving access to an additional PvP talent. The essence is acquired through PvP, and is intended to be completely optional for PvE players.

In some cases this extra PvP talent may also have interesting uses in PvE, but it’s not expected to be a strong competitor in PvE content for every spec.

Again, the chosen abilities in PTR data are not final. In particular, the ones that would clearly be overpowered or problematic in PvE (such as Leader of the Pack) are generally cases where the final decision of which PvP Talent to give hasn’t yet been made.

On one hand it’s good because some talents would be broken in PvE environment but on the other hand it’s wasted potential of making specs more complex and fun. There are plenty of talents that can make PvE gameplay more interesting and while the game suffers because of too simple character design in PvE it could bring a fresh air into some contents.

I’d like to mention that Demo Warlock really needs that interrupt I don’t understand design logic behind not making Call Felhunter normal talent or default spell. Demonology needs to play with either Felguard or Succubus (with 2 proper PvP talents). Playing with Felhunter is a huge damage loss.


Though it makes a lot more sense now on the PvE level, as most of the talents provided by the essence have only use in PvP, it still poses a problem in this latter mode.
If they want us to have an extra talent in PvP, then why not give us the choice to pick it among all the others ? I personnally never use leader of the pack in arena, and sharpened claws ? Didn’t even know it existed up until now.

However on second look it seems as though they tried to offer the most used talents, which is more or less a good move in my opinion. However I’m curious as to how they proceeded, because in rated arena there is almost no such thing as most used talent, since they need to be constantly changed according to the combo played against. On my resto druid, I never (not even once) happened to take overgrowth in arena, only in bg, and if I had the choice, I’d give both resto and boomy cyclone or flat out make it baseline again.
As most PvP’ers know, PvP talents are not that versatile, and therefore need to be constantly changed according to the situation, would it be in 2vs2, 3vs3, 10vs10 as well as the opponent classes considered.

Bottomline : needs major rework.

I don’t see how a talent being broken in PvE is anything good, especially when it’s the only one. And the biggest waste suffered from them is the other azerite essences, so I see little reason to pick any of these PvP talents other than in PvP.

I didn’t say that broken talent is good I said that adding 4th talent that would be competitive to PvE essences would be good for the game. I didn’t say it directly but it was kinda obvious. You didn’t get it because you didn’t want to.

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Can’t say I have feedback to give because I’m not in the PTR but I’ve played two classes to atleast know the talents given and how I’d feel

Balance seems pretty powerfull and enjoyable
Protection paladin… IDK man it’s nothing I’m getting excited about. I can think of others that fit the prot paladin support king better;

  • cleansing light
  • luminescence
  • sacred duty
  • Inquisition

Divine steed I can think of some uses for the knockback + consecration kiting but man I just can’t find myself getting excited about it and would even say it’s a risk in dungeons like motherlode or other dungeons where packs are spaced closely together

If the intended use for this essence is for pvp’ers how about making it give you a fourth honor talent SLOT in arena/bg’s/world pvp, and then lock it to a single talent for instanced pve? it would make this item so much more valueable for pvp’ers if you could select the PVP talent.

Also maybe change the doubling of defensive benefit versatility to a damage buff AND damage reduction for wearing two pvp trinkets in pvp combat(like maybe around 10% ish) because people WILL stack vers with this and become immortal in stuns and people don’t die outside of stuns until late dampening.

This would allow blizzard to nerf all the other essences in pvp and create one that is somewhat balanced and fun, and make pve’ers not need to do arena for bis essences/ pvp’ers needing to do raiding for bis pvp essences.

Also if blizzard could nerf the pve gear before the raid launces and much more then they did for crucible of storms pve gear that would be great!

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I think this essence can help as well with the problems in PVE that classes don’t have enough depth.

Unfortunately they have decided to run against that decision, which is a shame! I wasn’t expecting to be able to pick all talents, but at least be able to choose from some that are decent choices. For fury warrior for example Slaughterhouse could be such a choice or Master and Commander or heck even Spell Reflect could be a niche pick in some situation.