New rat mount on current subscrition

Just noticed the new Rat mount on the store for 6 month renewals, my rolling 6 month sub resubbed less than a week ago but i dont seem to have the mount? i noticed it said somewhere people on current 6 month subs get it, especially surely one as fresh as mine?

I apologise if this has been asked, i did look for another post but couldnt find one

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m wondering too. I’m subbed for six months but have 2 months to go until it renews, but no mount

Mine renewed today and I got it

We should get it too even it didn’t arrive today. Has been working like that with earlier mount promotions and this one should work same way. It says in news section of the launcher that:

Players on an existing 6-month recurring subscription with a future renewal date will receive the Squeakers, the Trickster mount at no additional charge, no later than January 28, 2020.


Aah cool. Many thanks for pointing it out Radium

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Thank you for letting me know, must of missed that :slight_smile:

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This must be the chinese year of the rat mount.

Bought 6 months sub 2 months ago…

If i knew that, i would postponed it until now…

Aint gonna buy it…

You are going to get it anyway. Anyone with an active 6 months sub gets it for free :smiley:
Just not today apparently :unamused:

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I will belive if i see it!

You get it if you read the info by jan 28th all the information is right there infront of you.
Read Radiums post its there in black and white.

I already got the Sylverian Dreamer like that, so I can confirm they do not forget their current customers :wink:

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rats get rat


Didn’t get it myself either. Not resubbing for an extra six months. I’m ready for a break.

When they add a mount to a sub you know it means , there’s no content for 6 months so pay up now.

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Go on the launcher and go to View Gifts.

I didn’t even know about this mount until I saw this post. Nothing popped up about it, well not that I noticed at least. So it might be worth checking, as I just did and I could claim it from there.

Wait… they basically tell people who pre-order to mount a rat?

Time of Revelation. :smirk:

Ppl have 6 month subs on Bfa? Thats a shocker, WOOWZERS !

It looks more like mouse than rat…
One was flying in Orgrimmar~ cute thing. Will fit Vulpera but probably not more than flying fox :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They did the same thing with the boat mount last expansion right before classic release.

It felt like it was a bait.

Because there was nothing to do until then and new RaF got released after the 6 month promotion.