New Realm and Free Character Moves for Spain

On Friday, September 20 at 1:00 a.m. CEST, we will open the new Spanish realm: Mandokir (PvP). You will find it on the new ‘Spanish’ tab in the WoW Classic realms list for European realms.

Free character moves will be available from all PvP realms in this region to Mandokir.

The new realm will be locked for new character creation for the first 24 hours that it is open. This is to maximize the possibility that transferring players can keep their character’s name.

Thank you!


May i asked why this was not done before the free transfers. I feel like i might have made the biggest mistake transfering from shazzrah to dragonfang. Would have been nice to know the server pop and balance as this will dramatically alter the pvp realms.

Good job blizz, you never seem to do anything right. Now i am stuck on a dead server. Spent an hour looking for a healer to ZF today. It is a complete and utter joke.


Griefing and roll for need? Everyone do it wherever it comes from. Maybe u’re taking notes after asking everyone where they come from when they press “need” at loot, and then you start to complain when you detect a spaniard in your radar.
What the hell is that ridiculous and shameful discrimination against spaniards. Keep that disrispect for yourself :wink:


Im spanish and I play on Gehennas server, I have always played pick, with people and I have not had problems with anyone even though my English is not very good.
I have made many friends, Swedes, Irish, Germans and I will be very sad to migrate.
It is possible that the spaniards are toxic, but not all, in all countries there are toxic, but the population that is healthier is the Swedish in my opinion.
This is a game and we are in it to have fun, not to turn it into a sh1t field.
Many spaniards are going to remain in the english servers, and I’m glad of that, I can assure you that the toxicity will remain in the English servers, we will have a healthy Spanish server.
Greetings and I apologize if any Spanish has been toxic with you.


Can we also get a new english pvp server real quick? Every server is corruped by exploits already.

Edit: don’t allow migration though, only for fresh chars.


Better late than never.

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It will only creatw one dead realm

Here we go. Troll realm.

https ://

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Locking new character creation (for first 24 hours) does not make sense. It will put people off as there will already be a large group of higher level players ahead of them ready to gank new characters. Moving to a new server has in the past not had priority over players making a new character on chosen realm. If your current name is taken on the realm you move to , tough luck.

This good news! The spanish community from Shazzrah will move there :smile:

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dead server ? i don’t understand you are claiming it’s the best server on every post ?

not sure to understand, you are moving to the spanish server or not ?

*laughs in Spanish*


*nods in Spanish

Congrats to all those who were hoping for a Spanish Realm.

Now a German RP PvE realm would be nice.


Learn swedish then.

You should allow Spanish users to move off Zandalar Tribe too. I know it’s PvP-RP but they level in the same PvP conditions as the other PvP servers.

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Any big guilds planning to move to this new server? I’m fine playing on Gandling atm but some friends are discussing if moving there, ofc playing on an empty server is not desireable.

Curious to know what streamers and influential people are going to do as most people most likely will flock together. Any poll running? I think we should make one and see how many people are willing to transfer.

Amen! I hope the queues will be no longer!