New Realm Coming for WoW Classic

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The existing PvP realms all now have either a Full or High population tag. With the potential for extended queues on the Full realms, and 10,000+ queues on Shazzrah, we are opening another English PvP realm on Tuesday, August 20 at 8:00 p.m. CEST:

  • Firemaw – PvP – English

We urge players on PvP realms to consider moving to this realm. Doing so will help spread the player population as evenly as possible before launch and provide the best play experience for everyone.

FireMaw EU PVP Realm
WoW Classic Realm Names and Types [Europe]
Overcrowded Realm Update – August 21

Gl on that!

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US is getting two new Realms. They must have even bigger populations over there. But everything is supposed to be bigger in America, right?

Edit: Actually, I think we are also getting two new German Realms. So we are outdoing them by one. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Blizzard!


Still waiting on one of the servers to be called Wrynn.

Glad Blizz are doing this though, they are not creating too many servers that there will be ghost worlds but are adding new ones as and when needed.

That’s how it should be done.


Shazzrah forever


Wew lad we out here


We will never leave Shazzrah ! FOR THE HORDE


Yeah, we’re all set on Shazzrah now. Firemaw is dead on arrival. Shazzrah will just get Firemaw in a chokehold and then it’s game over for that stupid little insect.


start your stream !


It’s kinda late to make new servers blizzard, players have already started planning big communities a long time ago, lots of people have already reserved good name and are not willing to let go of those names. You’ve been too stubborn to bring more servers out and it will screw over the communities.


Let’s go! Firemaw


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Keep em coming guys :)!


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Can you for once, be grateful and quiet.

Take that negative attitude somewhere else.



If they are opening so many more servers there should at least be an extra name reservation slot rather than the cap of 3


It’s not a mistake to open new realms, it’s a mistake expecting to set up every community 2 weeks before launch before even Blizzard did.


How can I reserve my name on 4 realms? Another move to get more money by forcing me to get a second subscription? Smart move, gg