New Realm Connections are Underway

If it was easy to connect one from EN1 to EN2 they would probably already have done it… Unfortunately for alliance all the connections so far have been from the same group

They are indeed, I would be quite surprised if anything gets connected to Draenor however but Tarren Mill, well maybe.

Should I see if I can track down a street address or something? :rofl:.

I Cant say exactly because things seem to have changed throughout time, and in comparison to other regions blizzard has been pretty coy to as the whereabouts of their EU servers, but historically Blizzard had 4 datacentres in EU: Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Stockholm. Amsterdam. Amsterdam used to be the host centre for Russian servers and the rest were split Among the other 3.

Blizzard support page only lists 3 IP’s to trace for EU which suggest 3 centres are left and as far as I can tell nothing redirects to Stockholm anymore, and the servers that used to be hosted there have been more or less evenly split between the EN1 and EN2 groups. This suggests the 3 data centres are in Paris/Frankfurt/Amsterdam.

EU 1 is 100% in Paris, you can track the IP for that one pretty easily. EN2 is a bit complicated as far as I can tell the IP provided for it tracks back to Amsterdam but the realms located in that cluster have historically been hosted in Frankfurt, and Russian servers are still uniquely isolated. I cant say more but suffice to say that the 2 dont appear to be next to each other, and also my latency difference for me is about 20 MS (I usually get about 35ms to servers in Group 1 and 15ms to servers in group 2).

Edit: For reference the Support page I mentioned for the Datacentre IP’s is the Following:

Im sure its possible, servers have been moved around in the past, but Blizzard hasn’t done it yet. It would be interesting to see if they will consider it, the biggest chance would be if they moved DieAldor because its got a pretty mediocre population as a standalone server but as it stands there is nothing to connect it to.

As someone who used to play on Darksorrow and who has a lot of alts on EN1 I feel really bad for alliance (and to a certain extent horde) who play on low pop servers on EN1. The only 2 big servers there are Tarren Mill and Draenor both horde servers… And most of the low pop servers are alliance… So they will either end up with huge clusters of dead alliance servers together or connect low pop ally servers to high pop horde realms, both not great options :confused:
If there had been more low pop ally servers on EN2 Blizzard could have done the same thing they did on the NA and German realms and connected low pop ally servers to high pop servers like Outland, Sylvanas(Auchindoun) and Ravencrest
The only good outcome I can see on EN1 is if they connect almost all of the low pop servers to either Azjol-Nerub/ quel’thalas or to Magtheridon, since both servers have relative high numbers of horde and alliance

All times are in CEST.

**The realms listed below will be offline on Thursday, 17th September, from 21:00 until 05:00 (CEST) for scheduled maintenance. Thank you for your patience.

  • Aerie Peak, Blade’s Edge, Bronzebeard, Eonar, Vek’nilash
  • Ambossar, Kargath, Thrall
  • Confrérie du Thorium, Conseil des Ombres, Culte de la Rive noire,La Croisade écarlate ,Les Clairvoyants, Les Sentinelles
  • Голдринн, Король-лич, Пиратская бухта, Седогрив, Ткач Смерти, Черный Шрам

Hi Eluviel, could you offer a source confirming these changes, please? I’ve checked everywhere and only seen confirmation of the English connections via the Support channel.

Черный Шрам (Blackscar) recently had a realm connection last week, surely they’re not having another one?

I deemed this to be a legitimate post as no one has questioned it, or removed it; but I can see some discrepancies leading me to think that these may not be correct.

It seems it will, Either Lich king or Booty bay but we won’t know until blizzard confirms it, which ever Blackscar doesn’t get is going to Goldrinn.

Both BootyBay and LichKing are transfer locked which suggests that blizzard is preparing them to be decommissioned, Goldrinn & Blackscar have been also named in the maintenance schedule which suggests these will be the new host servers for those realms…

Russian realm connection/Maintenance page would be posted here:

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Thank you for the response Jånek and clarifying the possible realm connections.

The idea of connecting them again isn’t impossible as they’re still considered high, not full (actually there are only 2 high pop russian clusters at the moment)

However it seems like the maintenance notice doesn’t mention the realms already connected to Blackscar (Borean Tundra, Grom and Thermaplugg) which should be down as well if it’s taken down.

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Its now been confirmed: Lich king is going to Goldrinn, Booty Bay is going to blackscar :slight_smile:

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Official English realm post for those who might have missed it:

Hi Janek, when do you think we’ll get the first indication of the next set of realms to be connected?

I keep on hoping for Connected Kul’Tiras to be next, as arguably we’re in worse shape than the realms just announced.

Thursday/Friday (more likely Friday for EU) :slight_smile:

Thank you; you’re a legend.

I have been keeping track of when they pop.
They normally come up here first, around friday/saturday :

And then announced “public” monday/tuesday.

Maintenance posts are usually posted Sunday afternoon, Forum posts come on Monday or Tuesday…

The first major hints though come Thursday/Friday the week before when they block off the servers they are about to decommission to realm transfers and other character services, this will only affect half the realms they are about to connect but it will give us an idea what that half is and how many connections we should expect to see that week.

The next big hint is obviously Sunday when the maintenance pages go up, usually they will list all the realms there, but they have only done this for EU/KR realms, its usually omitted on the US maintenance list until later and they don’t even use those maintenance pages in the TW region.

And finally the forum posts are usually posted Monday/Tuesday to confirm everything, usually we know what is being connected before then but there are cases where there are 2 connections of the same type of realm in the same data centre as happened with the Russian servers this week where we won’t get confirmation until that’s posted.

Thats kinda how it works, hope that sheds some insight :slight_smile:


How do you check this just curious, checking every single server if you can trasnfer there? :smiley:

Basically yeah,

As a tip use a character that you haven’t played in a while and you will never be taken to the payment page since that error will block it, but you will see the realm error first.

You can try it out yourself, try transferring a toon to Bronzebeard, and then try any other server thats not being connected, you will see what I mean :slight_smile:


Surprised to see Stormscale/Outland being listed as full pop now. Stormscale is not that surprising since it shifted between high and full pop some weeks ago. But Outland is a surprise since Ravencrest/Ragnaros are both still listed as high… Guess I’ll never truly understand the passive/active population number…

Could be that they adjusted the Algorithm on the realm list a bunch of servers jumped back up a level… even the CCC French Rp cluster is medium now despite that listing as low for a while. The realm list behaves in funky ways sometimes.

@Jånek: Somebody did something alright. WRP figures shot up like a Christmas tree. Draenor went up almost 40 000 and I am not seeing a single sub 3 000 figure realm anymore. Just before I hit refresh there were lots. We need more info. :smiley: One thing is certain. The number of active players did not go up by half a million or more in just a couple of days.

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