New Realm Opening for French

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In 15 minutes, at 22:30 CEST, we will open a new French realm:
Amnennar (PvP) - French

We suggest that players who wish to play in French create characters and play on this new realm, to avoid extended queues.

Thank you!


Added the ‘s’ just in time there.


Great now add spanish and italian realms before it’s too late.


Spain realm please! :blush:


Open up spanish realms please.

(Beoulf) #6

For the love of Jesus Christ add Spanish servers, no habla ingles!


How about another German server? The new ones you added are allready high pop.


Spanish Realm!


We need a spanish one!


We are very happy for France, really, but you still ignoring Russian players though, Blizzard…

(Clare) #11

Russians have just received one. If someone can transcript that for me and tell me which place/NPC is it in WoW, will get a like. :slight_smile: I’ve tried to do it but my Russian sucks.


Spanish moved from a full server to another full server, so these retards need their own servers


My Russian is nonexistent but I believe it to be Wyrmthalak.

(Ðiáblø) #14

Last minute realms. Gotta love this.

(Clare) #15

Thanks! Part of me hoped that they would get Barov if it is not a server name already. I think it sounds cool and would be easy for them to pronounce.


As a russian, can confirm this, we’ve got Wyrmthalak.

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