New specs ideas

(Latexfear) #1

Well not confirmed at all but i have your attention :stuck_out_tongue:

So this is old and often discussed but i love how creative people are and their ideas. Lest have some fun with it on this boring working day.
So imo instead of new class lets hope we got new specs instead. Especially if wow is so grindy and not alt friendly these days.

Shaman tank - i think i dont have to say more . Earth/ frost abilities.

Dh ranged - like demon hunter from diablo. 10x more annyoing then dh now.

Warlock healer - this my favorie one. Blood abilities. Sacrifice his own hp to heal allies. Debuffs. No spammable fear.

Dk - no ideas here. Rework frost

Druids - nothing already have 4 specs.

Hunter - tinkerer. While people probably want tinkerer as a new class. I think we could have tinkerer as a hunter spec. Mechanised pets and guns. Not sure if its good idea to restrict this spec for gnomes and goblins probably not.

Rogue - rogue tank. Rogues are very common class and it will help with tank numbers in pve for sure. Dodge, parry, reflexes , vanish,

Paladin - priest or paladin could have melee healer. 2h mace and healing by doing dmg. I know this concept is already used by disc priests and some people dont like it. But atlest this is melee and not ranged dmg so in pvp you could punish melee healer more. Something like warr priest from warhammer.

Priest- vampire. Dark priest with melee/ magic abilities. Focus on debuffs and drain abilities.

Mages - hard here. In rift there is mage tank spec but its hard to fit it into wow lore. So no spec for mages probably. Maybe some heavily kiting tank which focus on kiting enemies and not facetank them.

Warrior - no ideas. Instead rework warr to be fun again.

Monk - Nothing.

Shaman tank , tinkerer and lock heals are my favs.
Would you rather new classes or new specs?

(Ishayu) #2

You have my attention and my scorn.


It’s also the one that makes the least amount of sense.
Have you even read the warlock description?
They’re the bane of all life, they inflict pain and suffering onto people.
They consume life for their own gain.
I don’t think a warlock healer would be good at all.

(Shammoz) #4

Gnome Hunters already get mechanized pets…

A tank that vanishes would drop threat… not what you want from a tank…

Lakdro covered this well.

Sorry Latexfear, it’s a no from me…


DK - ranged damage dealer bit of necromancer style.

Oh no way, druids need new one too - Sentinels, who melee fight on humanoid form using those cool moonglaive style weapons Darnassus sentinels use, specialized on big mobilyty via different kind of jump and flip attacks and nature damage dots that heal the sentinels and players around them.

(Ishayu) #6

Night Elf Sentinels are hunters. In Warcraft 3, their units all came out of the Ancient of War. There’s the Archer, obviously a Hunter, and the Huntress… do I even need to say it?

And then there’s the Glaive Thrower which is obviously never going to be playable.

Sentinels do not heal. They rely on the healing from Moonwells. They also do not use melee weapons. Some Night Elves do, but not sentinels.

(Looksmaxxed) #7

Bruh, it was a cool idea. You could have just ran along with it without lore lesson 9000.


(Ishayu) #8

No, it was a bad idea in my view precisely because it doesn’t fit in the lore and doesn’t sound cool, so I said so.

Deal with it.

(Looksmaxxed) #9

Okay loremaster 9000, I defer to your expert opinion on the benefits of never straying from the beaten path.

(Ishayu) #10

You can have your opinion and express that without calling a me a smartarse, smartarse.

(Looksmaxxed) #11

Is this foreplay? :face_with_monocle:



Bring back the demonform for demonology warlock and make a melee specc out of it. I know we had to give it to the demonhunters, but now we want it back…


Yeah then switch the name for something else. Was just brainstorming something new, sentinels was just from looks of darnassus ones. Shameless suggestion to get melee style healer like warrior-priests were in Warhammer online. :rofl:

(Latexfear) #14

Fair point. But we have horde paladins and alliance shamans… probably very hated by lore guys when they introduced this. And now nobody have problem with that. Also locks can heal their pets…so teammates are your pets now . You can cover this with some story about forgotten kind of warlocks ancient ones blabla…you have issues with dk healer too? Because it can be another option to have “dark healer” if you think lock healer is too crazy.


Title : New specs CONFIRMED

Main thread begins with : Well not confirmed at all but i have your attention

Long live the b8 king.

(Crisswyn) #16

That’s essentially how Holy Paladin is right now.

I don’t understand how it fits Priests?

They are going to be happy.

(Verngard) #17

And OP receives a report for the petty attempt to troll…

(Latexfear) #18

So beacuse gnomes can have mechanised pets tinkerer spec is bad idea?

Yeah vanish now drops threat. But it can work differently on tank spec.

Or you will not have vanish it was just a idea. You dont have to throw whole idea of spec because one wrong spell i listed.

Its ok guys i get it. You dont want lock healers because lore.

(Shammoz) #19

Tinkerer does not fit with Hunter… It is a class of it’s own… I was just pointing out that the mechanised pets already exist… sorry for not being clearer…


Alright you’ve done it, congratulations i hate you now

That’s a hunter right there. If anything a DH ranged would be a caster imo

Doesn’t really make sense imo.

Already have those, so doesn’t fit the hunter class. Maybe a new tinker class with summons and machines (a freaking mecha as a CD ?)

Already said before, you shouldn’t drop aggro as a tank so it seems off the mark. Rogues were never really supposed to be front line anyway.

Isn’t that exactly the current Hpal gameplay ?

So a warlock with melee abilities but for the priest class ? Seems unfitting imo

Sounds bad imo. Mages have nice specs themes (a mage specialised in arcane/ fire/ frost Magic, you could go really far with that kind of description)

Imo we don’t need more specs, just upgrade the current ones and maybe add a New class for flavour