New specs ideas


Thought I would put some quick thought into it and this is what I’ve come up with. It might not be to everyone’s liking.

Many people have asked for this and I agree it would be awesome to have a Shaman tank.

Base this on throwing glaives with some unique spells and effects and I’m sold.

Not sure on healing to be honest, maybe a spec that siphons theirs or other party members hp to deal damage. Make healthstones for this spec permanent (only for the warlock) with a 20-30 second cooldown regardless of combat status to avoid this being a suicide spec.

Same, never really thought about DK however you could create a melee necromancer style spec which is based around the summoning of undead and make unholy into the shadow/disease/plague spec.

Don’t think they should merge this into the hunter spec due to the many differences, bringing the old ranged survival playstyle as a 4th choice would be much better and many hunters would love this again.

As much as this sounds okay, rogue really doesn’t sound like it would fit the tank playstyle. Adding a ranged dagger throwing spec sounds better imo.

I’d make a Paladin if I could melee heal, Beacons mixed with this would make for some awesome gameplay.

I’d prefer a Light magic holy DPS playstyle for this, would just require a few more added spells though. They could have a reverse atonement style for AOE which effects mobs rather than fellow players, think of it like a ranged blade flurry but with holy spells.

I wouldn’t mind a mage healer instead, seems strange that arcane magic can’t be used to heal. I really haven’t thought it through though so wouldn’t be sure as to how it would work.

1h and shield dps spec. A lot of the abilities are already there which could be utilised, add a few unique ones and you’re golden.

Ranged chi DPS spec, would also require some new spells for monks to make this work, would make an alternative spec that shares more loot with mistweavers.


Nah, DH are fine.

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Will reply tommorrow guys.

But yeah you are mostly right. I dont think its good idea either now :slight_smile: I just wanted to discuss some possible new specs vs new classes.

Almost everybody agreed with tank shaman and tinkerer as new class so blizz go for it.


Some I agree with in principle. Others I don’t. I’ll start with donts.

Ranged DH = warlock. Simple as. A caster that uses gel magic steps on their toes too much. A ranged attacker that throws glaives literally abandons what makes the DH special (not to mention fighting from range was never their gig). It’s a no from me.

Vampire priests. Nah. Priests may use shadow magic but you have to remember they are PRIESTS, literally nothing about turning into a vampire and fighting in melee is synonymous with being a priest. Utilising “bad religion and taboo magic” to subvert people’s minds is.

Shaman tanks. I’m lukewarm on this. A mail tank would be cool but that’s either reserved for a tinker, or if they had to give it to someone, they should imo give it to survival hunters (the name anyone?) and utilise an interesting tank-with-a-built-in-offtank mechanic via the pet where the hunter and pet swap it up because individually they’re below what a regular tank is, but they somehow recuperate gradually whilst the other is tanking. It’d be ridiculously hard to implement but I’d be for that.
A tanking shaman, to achieve it, just treads too much on the other specs. You remove enh to make it a tank? Plausible, but enh will be upset. You add a new 4th tanking spec? How does it tank? Rock elemental power? Hold on, isn’t elemental mastery Elementals gig? Melee prowess? Isn’t that enhs thing? I just don’t see it working thematically without being too similar to the other specs except “it tanks” and given shaman have very diverse class thematics across their specs, this would be bad.

A tank rogue I can get behind, if it’s outlaw. Parrying and swordplay rather than high health etc. An alternative is making outlaw a ranged rogue spec whom uses guns and bows. Not enough classes use these items.


Misleading waste of time CONFIRMED

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DK - Plague:
Using pathogens to boost healing and reduce defenses/offence (debuff) of enemies. Basically melee/ranged hybrid healer similar to Druids that it’s based on HPS instead of reaction healing. Look “Stukov” in HotS.

Paladin - Sunfire:
A ranged dps spec, basically instead of channeling light directly they do channel the power of the sun, of the An’she. We have 3 specs based on Alliance paladins, time for Horde based one. And what’s more cool than Smiting enemy with sunfire?

Warrior - Gladiator:
Tanky variant of dps spec, offtank if you would. Usefull for pve? Maybe? But for pvp? Oh boy. Having more CC (throwing nets and bolas), using throwing weapons for ranged damage and utilising shield + 1h weapon, focusing on parrying and riposting (like, a passive allowing you to critically hit every parried melee attack).

Warlock - Demoniac:
Infusing itself with demonic and fel energy to tank with. Fel for a dodge boost, and demonskin for defensives. Basically, what DH’s were based on. An ancient troll type of warlock that infuses themself with demons (voidwalkers).


No thanks! I like well-defined classes, close to the D&D universe (forgotten realms) as possible.
I dislike Rift bcause the in my opinion watering down system of classes.
Less complexity also makes it easier to balance.