New to classic, looking for my first guild

Hey guys, I’ve been playing WoW since Cata and my friends always told me how great WoW was back then.
I was a bit sad that I would never get a chance to play this old game and it actually got released last year.
I started a bit late because of IRL matters but I’ve join the boat 2 weeks earlier. I did not stop playing the game since I started. Literally. I’m sitting at lvl 53 and I’m gonna be 60 pretty soon at this rate. I just love this game so much it’s insane lol
I feel like now is the time to join a guild, I’m gonna have to start to spam dungeons like BRD or UBRS etc…
My objective is to become a fury prot warrior. This is the spec that excite me the most but I heard is quite difficult to achieve and doesn’t fit many guild playstyle.
I will start as a classic DW fury DPS warrior I think and later on switch onto fury prot.
If you guys are interested, please answer to that post or contact me ingame on the name of Kowec on the Horde side.

Thanks for reading and I hope to grind with you guys really soon !


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