New to healing as priest, this is fun, but which? :) (arena/bg)

Hey , my priest is level 53, i’m having quite a lot of fun trying out all three specs, I want to focus mainly on healing at level 60 in arena (will be pushing 2.2k or so)

I must say I feel like holy is a little more fun!

But then again, I don’t know what disc is like once I started getting proper gear

Have a few questions

  1. Which spec will I have an easier time with around 2k ish rating once I get gear ofc? Or is it a really small difference between them both?

  2. Can I just switch between both specs whenever I want? Or do they both require different stats to work nicely?

  3. What about shadow, could I once in a while pay that with the same gear? I will be venthyr covenant of course

And the last question is, I will first be going for 2.2k in 2 v 2, and then after that will do the same in 3 v 3.

Does one healing spec have an advantage over the other in these brackets? Or once again is it almost nothing?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Priest is a great class, having a blast so far.

Have a good day

Holy I have found you need good gear. DPS can just destory you if you dont have the right gear. I have seen one hit reduce me too 20% with 25% vers and 203 ilvl. If the other player was not cc’ed, it would have been 0hp.

  1. Disc is generally seen as better and is more prevalent but you can push in both.
  2. Apart from your profficiency there is not really much reason why you can’t switch between both, versatility is king in pvp for all speccs and haste/crit are both decent for holy and disc.
  3. I don’t know enough about shadow but I imagine they prefer versa as well.
  4. Holy seems to perform a bit better in 2s than in 3s, disc scales better with a 3 man group. Having said that you can push with both. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you have settled on a legendary yet but Sephuz is viable and sometimes even optimal for all 3 speccs in arena.

Good luck! Arena can be a lot of fun, I hope I’ll hit 2.1k this season as well :smiley:

  1. Easier specs for 2k+ rating is probably Disc > Shadow > Holy
    There’s not that much holy priest in pvp, they tend to die faster + if you let them freecast the heals are humongous so they are priority targets (so with a melee meta, ppl avoid the butchered spec :D)

  2. As said prieviously you main stat will be int/vers/haste on 3 specs if you want only one set of gear. It works well for Disc/Shadow, i’m not sure about Holy, mastery looks better than for others specs.
    Some mastery on shadow and crit on disc isn’t bad either :slight_smile:

  3. Shadow and Disc with vers/haste and venthyr is what i play, you can easily switch (especially with Sephuz legendary).
    For Holy, as you’ll be more focused on healing than damage maybe venthyr isn’t your best covenant but i could be wrong.

Holy is probably better in 2s but double dps will rekt you
Disc is probably better in 3s due to Trinity requiring 3 ppl + dome + potw on one more targets (better scale, rbg is even better :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks a lot for the replies, appreciate it.

Disc priest is extremely hard to master, like your skill and multitasking needs to be next level, you can’t just go in and see success past 1600 in 2’s and be just Ok or kinda good at it.

You NEED to do damage, heal, and be in range for CC, all while staying alive, keeping your partner alive and managing a mana pool that dries up quick so you need to be thinking about what your next move is as well as the enemies incoming damage.

Radiance is a great heal but extremely expensive, as your bubbles and mends, you really have to stretch out your penance to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible and keep people’s HP pools up by mitigating incoming damage, which is not easy to do.

It’s a great challenge and it’s great having different tools but it’s a playstyle that you have to become accustom to, so be forewarned.

I think a lot of people go Holy because it’s a bit more straight forward, more traditional healer, offers some control in PvP.

Disc feels much better the more people you have, so like in RBG it’s really strong, radiance pulls up a lot of HP pools and your CD’s are perfect for spread damage reduction and in 3’s it’s much easier since you’ll have help. In 2’s because of the mana issues and lack of CC and control Holy is imagine will be better.

I need to get more experience with Holy, I play priest for Disc solely, it’s the most unique class in the game for me and the most challenging, but in 2’s I think Holy is the way to go after lots of 2’s arena and just feeling like it’s not what Disc is best for.

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