New to RBG's


I’ve been running most PVE content and got what I wanted out of it (Curve/KSM) and I would like to start running some RBG’s.

I’ve done some arenas on my Rsham and got to 1400 but I would like to know which class would be best to use in RBG’s?

I have

  • Fire mage (main)
  • Rsham/Ele
  • Sub rogue ( not so geared)

I enjoy all 3 classes but I wondered which would be most successful/accepted in RBG’s?

I’d imagine that fire mage would be best right now. They do absurdly broken damage in PvM and a lot of their output is aoe, which would be solid in a battleground setting.

Problem is… good luck getting casts off. RBGs will probably be interrupt city.

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Good rogue are always in high demand for rbgs.
Fire mages are good so is resto/ele.

If you can manage to CAP bases consistently/defend on your rogue you will be in high demand.
Healer in pvp as in pve is always sought after.

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Those 3 classes have a very different roles in rbgs and are played very different, so it really comes down to your perfered playstyle and what you enjoy. Rogue is probably the most different from the others, so i would suggest you watch a few rbgs pov videos if you never have played it before.

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Fire mage is the the first class I tried using to sign up but I got told that fire mage doesn’t fit in RBG’s as good as other casters? (lock,Ele, boomy)

Out of those you listed, rogue is the only one that fits into meta rbg comps. They are extremely high in demand, you cant go wrong with a rogue for rbg. You will however have to defend most games.

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I know you didn’t list it, but hear me out. If you don’t mind playing multiple specs (mage gearing may be boring, but is awesome for that, get the same stats and same legendary for everything lol), I’ve seen Frost being somewhat popular for RBG due to mass harassment potential.

Also judging by PTR patch notes, it might be good future investment due to stars aligning in favor of Frost - Fire nerfed so you won’t be judged for seemingly inferior spec, Frostbolt consistent damage buffed, also getting spicy Frost Wall pvp talent (literally a 30yd destructible LoS object), and, very importantly, Warlocks getting nerfed and losing automatic permaslow on Corruption, making Blizzard and Frozen Orb the next best source of mass slow.

Resto and ele shaman both fit in really well to most rbg teams.

Fire has a place but in certain team setups. Combustion is usually purged fast. Or grounded.

And many teams run double rogue now due to insane burst on flag carriers/cc

You have 3 good viable choices. Play what you enjoy most.


Before you enter the RBG’s world prepare yourself for that it will be much more annoying like you wiping at Sir Den 1% HP.

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I have seen videos of the new frost and arcane skills and the buffs received by frost, also the fire mage nerfs so if things stay the way they are I dont think fire will be very popular if things stay as they are. (I know it’s early days and only the first set of changes)

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