New World game coming out soon

Hey guys,

have u guys heared about that beauty? I’m installing it now! gotta love some more action.

heared it is the bestest game everest.

You’ll be bored of it in less than a month. Its content is shallow.

Looks like garbage compared to Ashes of Creation. A lot of people out there think just because Amazon is publishing the game that it will be an automatic big winner that cannot fail. My bet is a lot of people are going to be surprised when it flops.

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with a shop selling weapons and bonus xp,and god knows what else in the future? no thanks.

not to talk about it burning rtx 3090 cards because of poor optimization.

its another black desert.NEXT!

wow is and will be the best for many many time, emo kids are all happy ff14 achieved 1 million subs ,xD when peak wow subs was 14 million…people theese days sure are weak to marketing ^^ good im a strong man from 1983 and i can see tihs from miles away.

trick today is make kids very very dumb so the marketing flows easy.since thats what pays off.

about ashes of creation yeah the game sure “looks” nice,but asking for 500 € to play beta…and dont forget all those rich kids that paid 500€ to play beta,will have a WAY more superior knowledge on how the game works when it goes live,so all of you that didnt pay 500€ to play beta will be rekt easy since the very begining to the very end.


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Who in the world cares

Im playing New World and i like it, if i stick on it will depend on what to do on end level. By the way besides PVP and Raids what was there to do when Wow was launched? Hmm? Doing RP on Goldshire? :smiley:

Let me set this straight, the scenery on New World, the visual effects on a game that is still on Beta, puts Wow in a corner with a donkey hat on it. Its just damn amazing. If ill stick around i dont know, itll all depend on the content released. But personally i recommend people trying it.

New world AKA say goodbye to your graphics card…
Unless they cook it longer in oven instead of rushing it i dont see it as good mmo even tho they got many things right.
Gameplay can be great but if u cant run it well on even top end pcs its BAD…

New World release is going to be quite a hit to FF14.

But yes, the game certainly has some interesting concepts; just not enough to keep me playing it for long. My friends are on the new world hype train, though I doubt I’ll be on the game longer than a month.

Even SilkRoad Game from joimax It Looks Better than Ff14

all the online games this days seems to be trash, it doesn’t matter what you pick & Play! u’ll find it trash.

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As far as I have seen, New World has take the slow pace of WoW classic and combined it with the skill usage of Black Desert Online, which is probably the worst game design ever.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll pass :slight_smile:

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Maybe, but FF just like WoW has the advantage of being playable on a decade old toaster, which New World isn’t.

I had the same concern, but ended up capping my frame per second to 60 on my 7+ year old PC. It runs hot though!

Not sure how long the different combat/crafting system will hold me though, the end game is totally unknown to me, so can’t comment on that part.

Might be a cash grab scenario by the looks of it, but there seems to be some potentional if they double down on the faction/pvp stuff in a rewarding way.

Even if you disregard the clear pay to win from the start the combat is really limited in the game.

3 abilities per set of weapons is incredibly low. Even if you count in the block and movement mechanics (which are quite basic anyway) it just doesnt have enough.

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