New World had 1 mil players on first day - this is big

I just read that New World apparently passed their first million of players on the launch day. That means they had more than 1 million unique players that day. This is really big.

To compare to WoW, WoW currently has not more than 2-3 million subs in all three regions combined, the number is quite likely close to 2, perhaps less than that. And that’s just the total number of players with subs, the number of players on a single day is 5-10x smaller. So, we are looking at something like 500k daily players across all regions on PEAK days and significantly less on regular days. And New World managed to exceed the number for peak days of WoW 2x.

Now, I agree that this is just launch numbers, etc. Launch numbers for SL were perhaps about as big. But this shows that yeah, other games are now completely capable of hitting WoW’s numbers and exceeding them, even in the same genre as WoW.

We are no longer in the territory where WoW is way ahead of others. We are now in the territory where WoW is competing with others in the pack.

Right, the source:


Please don’t make threads along the lines of “you’re only allowed to geek for ONE game”; play as many as you like & geek for them all… it IS allowed.


?? This is not such a thread. This is a thread about how WoW is no longer ahead of other games in the same genre. The era where it was ended.

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why don’t you reply this to the existing new world threads?
there was no need for an additional thread


I thought of using an existing thread but could not find it. Where is it? Deleted?

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… and while there is even ONE story about how poorly the code of NW is optimised, to the extent that any hardware is harmed, I’ll take new games with a pinch of salt.


No problem with that and I am not even saying that New World is a great game (I have no idea). Just that WoW is now running together with the rest of the pack.

Oh wow, they’ve actually moved that thread to the Games, Gaming and Hardware section! Wonder if this one will get moved too…?


Would make sense…


Well, since New World had 1 million during launch you should go and play it. And you should play it 15 years from now to.


Reminds me of threads for FF which got deleted. They are feeling the heat. ))

I, personally, do not play games for the sake of them existing… sorry.

My bet is that it’s due to the hype it’s already had for a while, and the number will go down fast, but I could be wrong.

From what I’ve gathered, it makes a good first impression, but then gets boring quick. The reviews on Steam are now at “mixed”.

No, no, no, obviously the numbers will go down. The question is how much they will go down and what will happen in the patches. Because they might go down roughly to the level of WoW. Although, of course, they might go down pretty much to zero as well. We’ll see.

Call me in 17 years if New World servers are still live with 3 mil people world wide.


Wow needs some competition.

They’ve been resting on their laurels for too long. Hopefully some of the passion they’ve shown for removing flirt lines and emotes could be channeled into making content.



There are 5 separate region choices for wow, of which only 3 are easily accessible(asia, america and europe) for people like us in europe.

America, which is oceanic and American servers.

Asia, which is Taiwanese servers.

Korea, which is Korean servers. You need a korean electronic ID to play there.

European servers.

China, for chinese servers.

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I counted Taiwan + Korea + China as a single region, Asia.

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But they’re separated. They can’t play with each other. The asian region in wow is only the taiwanese servers.

People on America can play with everyone in the American region. We can do the same in Europe with everyone else that’s in our region. Korea can’t play with the Taiwanese or chinese nor can they play with each other.

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NW is a 6 spell game that is easy to start playing and, as all can see, alot of twitch streamers, that have been streaming only 1 game in their streaming history, have started to stream NW.

I wish it would be a success and I am wrong, just to force Blizzard to retake the grip from purple hair devs and actually put some devs to work, repair, improve, inovate in WOW, but from my PoV, NW feels too shallow in every party of what means GAMEPLAY. And in max 4 weeks it will vanish from our memories, just like any Singleplayer game that is HYPED at launch.

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