New World is out yet?

New World is out yet?


2 posts below yours tells you the answer .
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It’s already out_dated, yep


Have you heard about google? Might come in handy for you in the future.

I give the game 2 months at best

Yes but it isn’t anything like Wow so why would I play it? :slight_smile:

Sir, this is a World of Warcraft forum.


new world is poping off …
even they risonly added 58 new servers to the game peoples haveing log in queue on 6+ hours …
and next dlc comes out already in 4 weeks and not 6 month like in wow …


“popping off”. Given the hype it received the numbers it has are extremely lackluster.

Already a good example that Amazon has no idea about mmos. Anyone could have foreseen these queues.

Ye we may speak after 6months how the game fares.

well New world has the best crafting system of all MMOs i have played
will take longer then 6 month to unlock every recept in NW lel

yup, Im quite interested but I plan on giving it at least 6mths and then seeing how people find it.

Well my sub for WoW is running out and new games for me is always a fresh air moment with new worlds, new games. I have a lot of games on my wishing list.

For me I wish WoW was fun but last time i had fun was when i played with my brother and his wife many months ago. But now they have plenty to do now because they have got their first kid.

I have been promoted to a uncle in RL. Can’t wait to see how she grow up. ^_^;

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Atm 861K online in steam, yesterday was 800K, day before that 700K. Idk, i think this is not gonna happens so fast. NW reminds me how actually WoW going in the past. Popularity grows day by day. Its even looks like Classic WoW - long way trip.

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Still funny to believe that people think numbers mean anything, only a few days after release.

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NW is that game u can say in 2-3 hrs gameplay will u play it or not. I don’t like motivation in NW - grind, i’m tired of it. I’m too old and lazy, soon my WoW trip will over too i guess.

Blizzard should already know this too. They have much experience in this area than Amazon but their every release was similar failure. We all remember long queues or unaccessible servers in WoW and Diablo 2 Resurrected is the latest example of their “foresight”.

It’s out tho most people can’t get in due to queues.

Still not as bad launch as blizzard tends to have

A pvp sandbox game that only has 6 spells.

No, thanks.

i dont understand why people are so obsessed with spells.

the combat of this game is pretty complex. you have mastery for many different weapons and staves. each containing spells of your choice. but the game is still about being aware of your surrounding and the battle itself.

in wow you have a ‘dodge’ stat. in NW, you dodge yourself. you also need to aim each attack (you cant just click and attack), aim everything from normal attacks to spells and even bows/guns.

its ok not to like it, you dont have to like everything. but dismissing a game because it has less spells than wow is just wrong.

what makes New world better then Wow is there is no forced M+ end game content …
best gear you get by crafting for months …