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What are you smoking

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@Burningsouls: No hate from here, just a simple observation. There have been other posts on the topic and those were generally of the: NO HYBRIDS!-type. In other words, people want to keep BfA and Classic as far from each other as possible.


Don’t you guys have realms?!


Hope they release one more pvp realm before the launch.

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Remains to be seen, there is still time to launch and Gehennas is for the time being the smallest EU English realm, so it still has some “buffer space”. There is also the question of whether Blizzard behaves proactively or reactively, if there are no major changes towards 26th. Given the current situation, it might be adviceble to add one on the 26th and not wait until 27th as they are not likely to have maximum staff at hand in the middle of the night.

I am sure they are keeping a close eye on things both here and in the US, but right now, things at least appear very stable. :slight_smile:


Better to release the servers before launch, if i stuck in 30k que and got layer swap nonstop in game, going back in Pservers.

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You apparently forgot that overtly crowded realms will go into lockdown. I do not recall ever seeing 30 000 queues, though I have seen a few in the 12 000+ range in the very distant past and over 9 400 this week. Besides, someone who has no character ready has no point in staying in a queue for a locked realm. So, those who precreated already hold an advantage.


People seem to forget and say see the rush of the name reservation has died down, you don’t need to worry. We haven’t even entered the weekend since name reservation started. Working people and some Casuals will cause another influx of name reservations i’m sure. As well as other issues i’ve said before, people still coordinating where to go.

After release we’ll also see 2 major peaks, the one on the 27th, and the first weekend, where people who didn’t take time off for the first time have a real oppertunity to play after the first week is over, we can finally tell how good, or bad the server stability and accesability was


The rush has died down for sure, but it has not stopped! Now both normal realms are at High, Gehennas, HW and ZT are all at medium. In fact no EU realms are at lower than medium pop.
I do not like playing on full realms. It is tedious when you come to a place, and called upon as the big hero to liberate the place from a big monster … and then get to stand in line to slay said monster. Also players RPing in all the bushes along the roads from Goldshire to SW and Eastvale Logging Camp somewhat disturbs the feeling of uninhabited, far away places.

TL;DR Open more servers. At least 2 German ones, 2 Spanish and 2 English. Then it might be fun to play … and this is after all what it is all about.


I mean i understand what you are saying,but whats the point in a spanish server if a lot of spanish people are going to play on the eu realms?


I have seen lots of Spanish ppl clamouring for a realm of their own. But of course they play on EU (I suppose you meant English) realms as there is no Spanish realms :wink:


This is still not a Spanish server, we dont want to see a chat full of spanish. English servers SHOULD BE people only talking English.

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They could enforce this by having strict world/trade chat rules. As in ONLY english, other languages in said chats can be reported and dealt with from there.

Just an idea, looks to work on every server. English servers, you speak english. Dont see any english people go to a german server and talk english. Common sense bois, common sense.


I have been reading some of the posts in this thread and I think you maybe rigth. - When I see ppl from other servers I think connected but I have not thougth of Cross Realm Zoning doing same thing so Think some ppl here knows mor than I do on this issue


But still I would like to see none of this in any form in Classic.


Nope. Personally, I think those who have reserved names will be a minority. Maybe 25% or less.


Well yeah you are right again.But then here comes the question the spanish playerbase if im right is around 7k?or 10k.I dont think then they will open a server for only for them.And if they do im ure half of them are going to still play on english eu servers the remaining 3.5-5k is hitting medium i think.But for only this “small” numbers i dont think they will get a server,if they do then i just estimated them incorrectly


Due to extremely high demand, we will be establishing the following new WoW Classic realm at approximately 20:00 CEST (19:00 BST) on Monday, August 19:

< Whoops we ran out of MC Bosses > – PvP – English

We suggest that players choosing a realm consider this one, as we expect that other English PvP realms may experience severe queues at release.

Edit: No there’s still 5 (3) left of course, but they’ll run out eventually, trust me :wink:
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Closing this thread as the realm has been opened.